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Storage Unit

As we know it’s very difficult to keep all our important belongings at one place, as we don’t have much space. To make this simple and easy the invention of storage units happened. Nowadays we can keep our things in storage units which are inexpensive and safe. We can store all our important documents in one place, which can be used whenever required. It saves time as well as our energy. If we are traveling, we find the need of many things which can’t be kept in small bags for that storage units come into play. It is very light and can be kept even in a confined place. There is a place where several storage units are kept at one place where you can go and keep your belongings.

Today, when people are in the phase of the competition, every second count to them and they don’t want to waste it for something that can be done in an extremely convenient manner. They are undertaking their personal and professional responsibilities jointly and in a very balanced way, and thus, they need a solution that can save their time and efforts both. Therefore, 24 Hour storage unit can really turn out to be a great solution for the entire need from moving to a new place or city, store inventory, and renovate home or office, or just trying to make some extra floor space. Understanding the need of storage unit, what one must look for is the assured lowest prices for the service that fits appropriately within their budget.

These 24-hour storage units can be accessed at any time and it is also inexpensive. The security level of these units is very high. All the important features are as follow:-

Security and access

Rental rates are very competitive and are below “market” for storage units having high-security features such as keypad access gate, individual door alarms, each storage unit door is electronically interconnected to the storage access gate, and security cameras that view each storage unit (closed circuit TV-camera surveillance system), 24-hour storage unit access, routine pest control & bi-weekly street sweeping around storage units.

Both facilities are newly constructed. Aesthetically appealing, offering masonry block walls, green landscaping with grass and ample trees, wide, clean asphalt drives to access storage units, and attentive owner-managers.

We’re committed to helping families and businesses get high-quality mini storage at the right price. Whether for storage of personal belongings, cars, RVs, motorcycles, snow mobiles or other seasonal equipment, camping gear, antiques, furniture, storage of additional store inventory, or equipment storage, our team is committed to providing you with exemplary service and high-quality storage units.

We offer convenient month-to-month storage. We accept all major credit and debit cards, checks and cash. Rents for these storage amenities cannot be beaten in Layton City, with a 12-month “no rent increase” guarantee.

Keypad Entry

Access to the storage area begins with “padding” your individual 4-digit PIN into the keypad in front of the security gate. Once you pad the PIN, your secure storage unit door alarm is deactivated until you leave the site.


The access gate opens vertically, and you drive through the security gate to your storage unit.


Unlock your secure storage unit, which has been locked with a commercial-grade, management provided, Master Lock.


Deliver storage articles to your personal, secure storage unit, or remove articles from the storage unit. Occupants are provided with 24-hour access to storage units. Adequate night lighting is active from dusk until dawn.


Throughout your stay in the storage facility, our closed-circuit television system is actively recording videos of the visit. Cameras “roll” each time there is activity/movement within the storage facility. You then “pad” your PIN again to exit through the vertical security gate.

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