Some Interesting facts about the Mosquito – Human Relationships


Are you always the target for mosquito bites?

Every time you step outside to play with your friends or just chat, does a mosquito always find you? As if it was waiting just around the corner for you?

Well, mosquito bites aren’t just a coincidence. There are numerous factors behind this constant menace.

Do mosquitoes prefer one blood type over other?

In a word, yes!

Mosquitoes are unique species of insects. They prefer blood type O. If you have O blood type and if your friend has A as a blood type, mosquitoes prefer your blood over theirs for food.

Isn’t that interesting?

Scientists first experimented and docked on this discovery as early as 1972. More lately, the Journal of Medical Entomology study carries the experiment forward and had further broken down mosquito blood preference and marched them to a certain species of mosquitoes.

Do mosquitoes have any other food preferences?

Other than preferring the universal donors of blood type which is type O. Mosquitoes lay down a varied variety of things that they find appealing in humans.

1. Metabolism

Google defines metabolism as the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life.

So, how do mosquitoes find out about your metabolism?

According to Scientists, a human being’s metabolic rate could also attract or repel mosquitoes.

They get to understand your metabolism using carbon dioxide as a medium. They can sense the carbon dioxide given out by your lungs.

Are they attracted to high metabolism or low metabolism?

The higher the better!

This is because when you have high metabolism you produce more carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes towards you.

Who are more prone to mosquito bites in general?

If you have recently worked out, are a pregnant women or among those who just have high resting metabolic rates from birth, you could be more attractive to mosquitoes and cant get rid of them.

2. Your Clothing

First impression is the best impression. This is true not only in job interviews but for mosquitoes too!

Mosquitoes prefer darker colors to light warm colors. If you are wearing a dark brown shirt and your friend is wearing a pretty flow yellow dress, the mosquitoes will find you more attractive than her!

That’s one of the reasons why people wear light colours for summer. If you don’t follow the fashion trend you will be subject to numerous more mosquito bites than average.

3. Skin

How much of your skin is showing in that pretty dress? The more the skin the more mosquitoes you attract. Bare skin is common in summer which gives mosquitoes more surface area of skin to land on, bite and feed.

To avoid mosquito bites you should wear clothes that cover up your body but don’t make you uncomfortable example summer clothes.

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