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Math is considered one of the most significant subjects which help students to strengthen their logical, and analytical skills. CBSE Class 6 study materials cover the entire CBSE curriculum which mainly focuses on fundamentals in order to help the students to build strong basics for their next level education.

CBSE schools use NCERT books as class 6th maths study material which includes important topics such as Integers, Fractions, Decimals, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, etc. Below is the chapter-wise explanation for class 6 maths:

• Knowing Our Numbers- This chapter enables the students to learn and deal with numbers and to study the estimated sum, complex numbers, the difference between the numbers, etc.

• Whole Numbers- The chapter revolves around whole numbers, their concepts, and the properties, etc. It also introduces basic concepts to the students like the predecessor, successor, and the number line.

• Playing with numbers- The chapter is about the numbers with factors and multiples, prime and composite numbers, HCF and LCM, and prime factorization.

• Basic Geometrical ideas- This section includes the basics of geometry and talks about the concept of parallel lines, ray, curves, polygons, angles, triangles, circles, etc.

• Understanding Elementary Shapes– This section includes various designs and shapes of mathematics and also includes some important topics like Line Segments, Angles, etc.

• Integers- This section includes the concept of integers and its properties.

• Fractions- This chapter has topics like Number line, Proper and equivalent fractions, comparing like or unlike fractions, adding or subtracting fractions, etc.

• Decimals- This chapter tells about the values of decimal and teaches students about the various applications of the decimals in a real-life scenario.

Data Handling- The chapter includes the representation of the data and the concepts of recording, drawing, and the organization of the graphical data.

Mensuration- This chapter provides the calculation of area and volume of various figures. With this, the students become aware of the concepts of perimeter, area, which can be helpful for them in various kind of measurement for the shapes and the designs in real life.

• Algebra- This chapter provides a basic knowledge of algebra. The students will learn to deal with algebra problems like matchstick problems, uses of variables, expressions with variables, and using expressions practically.

• Ratio and Proportion- This chapter provides an introduction to the concepts of ratio and proportion and its uses.

• Symmetry- The chapter discusses the applications of symmetry in real life. It also gives a basic introduction to the study of figures with multiple lines of symmetry, reflection, etc.

To help students in developing strong concepts in math in a better way, students can search online study material for class 6 CBSE maths and visit various online websites in order to know the important questions for class 6 Math exam. Online websites follow the latest question from the syllabus as per CBSE guidelines. These important questions will help the students to get more familiar with the topics and prepare systematically for their exam in a confident way.

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