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Simple And Popular Yoga Poses To Lose Weight


Dealing with weight problems is never easy. Getting rid of them takes a lot of efforts on a consistent basis. The efforts turn more intense when one is not in favour of hitting the gym owning to scheduling issues. You need to maintain a strict dietary plan over weeks and months to see some sort of visible efforts on this front.

One wonders if there is not any easier and more convenient method around to lose weight and get the body back into right shape. Try yoga and it will help a great deal. It not only keeps the body and mind stimulated but also boosts the metabolism.

Yoga is among the easiest and simplest ways to fight off weight problems in a quick time. Few bodily poses (asanas) can help you regain the right body shape. So, start doing yoga and its poses and say goodbye to all your weight problems.

You can try some of these yoga poses to counter weight-related problem:

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) 

It’s one of the most popular and most practiced poses to tackle weight problems. Comprising 12 different poses, it benefits the entire body and thus remains widely used pose. Some of poses to try include basic prayer pose, forward bend and cobra pose. Not only it brings all the areas of body into play but also helps in easing anxiety.

Warrior pose 

The best part about this pose is its benefits to different body parts including arms, back, legs and things simultaneously. What’s more, it also improves blood circulation. Starting with the mountain pose, the practitioner has to stretch one leg back while the other leg has to be kept in a lunge-like position forward. The knee has to be at 90 degree position and hands raised above the head.

Boat Pose 

Nothing beats the boat pose when it comes to toning you abs. Start the pose sitting down on a mat and then let the legs stretched out. With knees pulled up, thighs tight and toes pointed out, you have to take the feet off the ground in a slow manner. With the spine straight, try making a V shape and taking the arm to the shoulder level.

Yoga Cobbler’s Pose 

This pose is easy and simple to do to tackle weight problems. It stimulates abdominal organs and muscles together with stretching the knees, groin and inner thighs. To start the pose, sit down keeping the spine straight and the knees bent. The soles should face each other. Try pressing the soles together and doing this pose for 5 minutes.

Yoga Locust Pose 

Try the locust pose and it’s extremely helpful in losing weight. Start with pose lying face down with the palms facing the ground. Now you have to inhale and raise up the legs without bending the knees. You also have to lift up the hands and upper torso to stretch the abdominal muscles. Now trying balancing yourself on the tummy.


In a nutshell, try these yoga poses and fight off weight problems with effortless ease.

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