Opt For Balcony Waterproofing To Keep Your Balcony Intact During The Heavy Monsoons

Your balcony is an extension of your interiors that gives you the possibility to enjoy the natural goodness of the fresh air and the warm sunlight of the outdoors when you do not have the luxury of sitting out in the patio or the garden. So it is obvious that you must protect the quality of your balcony by hiring the waterproofing services as they know how to take care of your balcony, and how to keep it dry and free from moisture effects all throughout the year. As the balcony is an open part of the building, balcony waterproofing is an indispensable need that will help you in protecting your property from the harsh external elements.

Present day balcony structures are more vulnerable
Consulting the experts is the best option when it comes to deciding on the best balcony waterproofing for your property as not all systems are suitable for all structures and the condition and the age of the balcony wall also need to be considered.

  • With newer methods of construction evolving there is also the need to meet with the newer challenges of the present day construction waterproofing.
  • The present day structures are more vulnerable than the olden day brick mortar or formidable stone settings.
  • The very fact that the water has started seeping into the structure indicates that the process of damage has initiated and soon there will be the external manifestations as well.

Best waterproofing solutions
There are different types of commercial balcony waterproofing treatments that are available in the market and applied by the contractors that have the necessary expertise in the field.

  • The first category is the crystalline waterproofing solutions regarded as one of the finest solutions for balconies and terraces are where insoluble crystals that are suspended in the cement prevent the water capillaries from penetrating the surface and enter the interior of the walls.

There is also the membrane waterproofing treatment where a flexible membrane is formed by the mixing of the necessary liquid and the powder component that forms a formidable barrier to the water preventing it from penetrating.

Balcony waterproofing stops any form of internal damage to your property as well

  • The moist conditions of the walls lead to the formation of molds and mildews that spread across the balconies to the rooms making them unhygienic.
  • The application of the proper balcony waterproofing will be helpful in preventing the ugly spots on the walls that occur due to the presence of the fungi.
  • Applying the right coat of waterproofing on the walls will help in the early prevention of the damage that will also help in saving thousands of dollars when the extensive repair works have to be carried out at a later stage.
  • The application of the waterproofing layer is more of a maintenance work that all property owners should carry out meticulously to avoid any form of devaluation of the property.

Determining the waterproofing needs
The foremost concern is to understand the need of the area that has to be given the waterproofing treatment, the type of construction material that has been used and subsequently decide on the type of treatment that will best suit the area.

Weather conditions of all places are not the same, and this too will play an important role in determining what kind of balcony waterproofing is best suited for your property. The use of new generation building materials that are lightweight and also less resistant, needs waterproofing more than ever especially in places with acute humid conditions where the water invariably seeps in.

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