Why Mannequins Are Mandatory For Clothing Display

Articulated mannequin

While cruising in the malls we often see some sculpted dolls posing in very humanly poses in display windows of outlets or retail stores. These dolls give very humanly and lifelike look upon seeing them because of their resemblance with humans in their body structures. They are a source of attraction for buyers who are wandering here and there in the mall.

They are sometimes referred to as adjustable mannequin bodies. The use of these poseable dummies is not just in the display windows of fashion outlets they are also used in many other fields. However the most common use of these flexible mannequin models is in the window displays. They are mostly used by clothing lines, clothing accessories stores, jewelers, photographers and artists to showcase their master pieces to buyers. The latest trends in shopping and change in behavior of buyers have made these display dummies and visual merchandising products very crucial for retail business owners. The main purpose of display windows and bendable mannequin models in them is to showcase the best products to the buyers which are being offered by store. Buyers also get to know the latest trends by help of these dummies.

These articulated mannequin dummies are also very helpful in giving buyers the overview and demo of the particular product. People like to know before buying a product that whether the product will add to their personality or it will just look fine. Articulated mannequin being human replica can do this heavy lifting for both the buyer as well as the seller. These adjustable body forms come in different variants of male, female and kid; also they can be classified into different colors, shapes and sizes. So they can be easily used to target any part or even one individual of the society. Mannequins are equipped with jointed limbs which allow their body parts like arms, legs, shoulders, knees and neck. These jointed limbs can be used to move these body parts in any human possible direction. This gives them a more realistic, creative and lifelike look. And when a buyer sees a mannequin wearing some beautiful merchandise and posing in a very sporty and eye catching look, he/she gets attracted towards the dummy. Also these jointed body parts allow mannequins to bare more weight and pose in sporty looks.

Features of a bendable mannequin:

The ideal body form must possess the following features.

  • The quality is everything. One can pack or portray any product very beautifully but without quality it is nothing.

  • Mannequins are the very first products on which buyer’s sight lands so they should be very presentable and eye catching.

  • In order to become a perfect human replica, these dummies should have moveable body parts like arms, legs and knees.

  • There should be extra support base for an articulated dummy which can provide support in posing sporty and difficult poses.

  • Locked joints provide even more stability when posing in difficult and sporty poses.

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