Live Happy With You Family; It Will Give Kingdom of Happiness

Kingdom of Happiness

How do you spend your holidays?

Are you waiting for a holiday? How you spend your holidays? We all are human being, we are waiting for a holiday to become free from all tension, we are living in this busy world all are like to enjoy their life. But the situation does not allow us to enjoy our life. How many of you think about a world without any tension and free from all busy? I know that every one like to enjoy each and every moment, but we cannot do it? It will generate a lazy. We all are living for our family, like to spend time with family, isn’t?

Find your happiness
Family is a heaven of happiness, it is the space of freedom, we have freedom to do anything in our house or within our family, and it is our space. Our families giving good support to us for doing any think, they leading us to a proper way or leading us to a better life. We can feel better safety in our family, don’t you feel it? Yes our family is giving shelter to us. World is created by god, only human being are leading social life, that is the specialty of human, only we can life with family, so we have interest to spend our leisure time with our family, it gives most happiest moment of our life.

Don’t waste time
As discuss above each man and women are living for their family and they are work hard for their family. Many people are forgetting to live in this busy world, they are work for better future, but they cannot enjoy their present life. After their hard work on that day they can never get enough time to spend with family otherwise their body will not allow them to do that. How many of you have a great moment with your family? How is your experience? Family is the weakness of every people; we are always ready to sacrifice anything for our family, it is very important to know each person in your family. It is necessary to spend some time on each day with our family; it will help to increase the strength of relationship. Try to speak each and every member of your family in every day, dining table is the best place to spend time together, please try to had your food together, it will be giving a wonderful moment in your life. Spend some time to watching television with your family; enjoy the some jocks on that.

Let’s live with our family………
Enjoy your holidays along with family; it will be giving a pleasure time to you. Visit your favorite places with your family; take the photographs of your happiest moment. Such trips will always good for your mind and health, we all know that a health is live along with a good mind. Trips to your favorite place will help you to have a relief from your entire problem; it will help you to forget all bad memories that you need not in your life.

Do you want memories….
Everybody should have planned to enjoy memorable time with family, but our situation will create a ban to all. It is a common character of a human being, he or she is much eager about their future; eagerness may lead them to backward from enjoying life, but your this attitude will never help you, but it may become harmful to you. The tension may lead you into many diseases, it will badly affect you in your health, and it will show you as an ager than your age.

Don’t forget to live
Have you heard about laughing exercise? Now it is common. Why should we choose this kind of exercise? Certainly for have nice day or a good life, in my opinion there is no need of such system if we can enjoy each and every moment in our life, try to become happy in whole day. Laugh if you see any comedy, give a smile to others when they look at you. There is a solution to your entire problem, don’t become tension about your simple problems, please realize that problems are not the end of your life. Discuss your entire problem with your family, they can help you by providing good suggestions, some time the key of your happiness in hand of your family member. Remember that we have only a life, don’t spoil it, enjoy your life and say” I am the happiest person in this world”.

Written by : Jessica Jose

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