Kitchen Cabinet Remodels That Will Make You Say “Wow”


Making Your Kitchen Affordably Elegant

One of the most striking things defining a kitchen is the cabinetry. This is the first visible element from a distance for many, as cabinets usually represent some of the largest objects in the room. Woodgrains, contemporary finishes, cool white hues, or modern coloration will all have their own varying effects, and the truth is, what’s right for one home may not be right for another.

For example, a home that is styled after the fashion of a cabin in a woodgrain may not agree with a modernist kitchen design option where cabinets aren’t made of wood, and have a metallic look to them. By contrast, a modern home would look a little strange if the kitchen was composed of earthy tones and wood grained cabinets. The “Wow” factor should ideally be a sleek complementary look.

When you’re determining how you’re going to get the best “wow” factor from your cabinetry, you need to take the overall home’s decor into consideration, in addition to the kitchen itself. Don’t just choose the best option that mimics a friend’s home. Figure out something that incorporates those “wow” features you encounter, but will complement your own interior decor.

Reface & Revise the Space

Kitchen Designing

Another “wow”-inducing factor of kitchen cabinetry may very well be the way in which cabinets are presented. Many kitchens layouts include an open floor plan with a kitchen table in the center of a space. But remodeling solution that can act as an accentuating design feature might be refacing existing cabinets and appliances for the  existing cabinets and the addition of an island to divide up the space. Cabinet refacing and adding an island (the hybrid solution) is a more permanent remodeling option.

Stocking Up on Stock Cabinetry

Yes, there are many affordable stock cabinet options out there. The results can be beautiful and there is not a shortage of stock cabinet suppliers. You can even go to your local big box store and purchase them on your own.

The other side of that coin is now, you have to find an installer. This makes you the general contractor of the remodeling project, taking up your valuable time and effort. Another factor to consider with stock cabinets is that many are made overseas. These products were affected by the tarif situation and have inflated the cost for some stock cabinets, making them more expensive than stock cabinets made here in the US.


You are able to establish a more clear boundary for the kitchen if you divvy up the space (often making it feel larger as a result), and increase the additional storage capacity that will make it a more functional room that you’re able to work with. Storage is a big issue in any kitchen, and if you really want that “wow”, find a way to maximize cabinets for specific kitchen items; like pots, pans, or cutlery. This decreases clutter and is evocative of perpetual cleanliness. On that note, pantries help decrease clutter too.

Some pantries are just a closet, in all reality, which allow custom storage capacity.  However, if you’ve got space, you might install a wall across the corner of a kitchen, and add in a pantry to conform to the new space; creating a walk-in pantry. Of course, the space you’re working within will determine whether or not you could choose this option.

Cost Considerations And Consultation

Cost will definitely be an issue when you’re going about remodeling your kitchen. While a proper remodel will increase property value considerably, sometimes to get what you want, you’ll have to spend more. Still, with the RTA option that matches your home’s existing décor, you can avoid some of that cost through self-assembly. Or you can hire a refacer and a long lasting kitchen remodel that will last for decades.

In short, you’ll need to do a little research to determine the sort of kitchen design solutions which best fit your home, personal aesthetic sensibilities and budget. What makes you go “wow” could induce indifference from someone else at resale. Don’t be afraid to consult kitchen appraisal experts who have made it their livelihood to apply a critical eye to your interior design.

The RTA Cabinet Conundrum

One cabinetry update option that you might consider are the RTA collections offered online. RTA stands for “Ready To Assemble” and these are shipped to your home in parts. Essentially, these cabinets can be conformed directly to your kitchen’s specific needs, which induces a “wow” response all on its own because of the new color and style. The downside is, you are the assembler.

Kitchen Accessories

Whether you want something that’s as evocative as cherry or a modern stainless steel, there are considerable RTA options out there which not only look good, but represent sturdy and functional furniture pieces for your kitchen. There’s something you’ll want to consider: a cheap “wow” factor aren’t going to last as long, as these cut-rate options fall apart after repeated use. Not all homeowners are thrilled with RTA product once they arrive at their home.

The kitchen is one of the most high-traffic rooms in any house, and you can expect things to break, become marred, scratched, broken, or otherwise in need of replacement. In short: you’re going to have to remodel your kitchen again eventually if you use it at all—here are some helpful budget-friendly tips.
Getting Guidance From a Seasoned Pro

Such individuals can tell you what you’re lacking, help give you some ideas on what to change, and even enervate you to pursue some sort of change. A free in-home consultation will help guide you to your best remodeling solution. Also, don’t neglect the online angle; worldwide trends in kitchen design can be mined through the web to help you achieve the fullest “wow” factor in your kitchen. There are many ways to maximize your cabinet space; so know all the options you have to consider before taking the plunge.


Guest Contribution by Ashley Lipman, Content Expert

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