Indulge in a Sumptuous Retail Therapy in Ahmedabad, India

Retail Therapy in Ahmedabad

Shopping in Ahmedabad can engage all travelers. Despite the fact that you’ll get all the enormous celebrated brands here, there’s an old world appeal about the commercial center. So when in Ahmedabad, be prepared to stack your bags with some astounding bandhej sarees, earthenware, handcrafted souvenirs, silk patola sarees, antique jewelry, and everything that smells of Gujarat.

Along with looking for the best deals on Mumbai to Ahmedabad flights, also prepare a shopping list to give your home an ethnic touch, for Ahmedabad speaks volumes about its handicrafts and patola sarees. Not just for yourself, but also carry extra bags to load them up with souvenirs that can be ideal gifts for the dear ones. Wondering where to shop in Ahmedabad for all this? Well, here you go–

1. Law Garden Night Market

Law Garden Night Market

A heaven for shopaholics, you’ll have an opportunity to rub shoulders with voyagers and occupants alike at the Law Garden night market. It is loaded with stalls offering trinkets from Kutch and Saurashtra. Weaved tapestries, ensemble gems, Gujarati Cholis and lavishly detailed chaniyas will leave you literally gaping in awe, and of course in a confusion. Also, regardless of the possibility that you don’t wind up purchasing anything, this is an affair bona fide to the city, and will give you an authentic vibe of the spot.

2. Teen Darwaja

Teen Darwaja

Teen Darwaja is well known for its compositional brilliance which is frequented by numerous local people and visitors alike. Be prepared to haggle, for the shops here can literally spoil a buyer for good and you can get garments, especially saris, along with wonderful hand crafted things. This spot could get exceptionally swarmed on weekends, and festival times draw in much more individuals than usual.

3. Banascraft


It’s a standout amongst the most sought after boutiques in Ahmedabad, and absolutely the best place to grab some rare artworks that incorporates tote bags, handbags, home decor, door mats, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! The greater part of the things are handcrafted and is sourced from SEWA, a women’s cooperative society. Shopping here has undoubtedly got a generous turn. So if you too are a philanthropic sort of an individual, who loves buying stuff for a good cause, then here, right here, you’ll get it all.

4. Gurjari


This is one of the best places to visit in Ahmedabad for customary specialties, churned out exclusively from the state. Meticulously and intricately crafted, the nature of work is unrivaled and the items are tastefully wonderful. These make for magnificent stylistic decor pieces for your house, and are even extraordinary to give as gifts once you’re back home from your trip to Ahmedabad. Cut and carved in the customary Gujarati style, grab some of the best sorts for your folks back home.

5. Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk

More of a flea market, the Manek Chowk in Ahmedabad turns from a vegetable market in the morning to a jewelry market in the noon! Tour around to unearth some captivating antique gem pieces, selective fabrics, readymade garments and a lot more. Also, do not forget to dig in the flavours of the sumptuous food that is sold at the food stalls here.

Now don’t complain that you had no knowledge about the best shopping haunts in Ahmedabad. Travel around the city to your heart’s content, and shopping, of course! Have a great time!

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