Importance of Tummy Tucker Belt after the Surgery

Tummy Tucker

One of the keys to the result of plastic surgery is pre and postoperative therapy, in most of the procedures performed in the specialty. Presurgical treatment is aimed at preparing the skin and tissue of the area to be treated for a better recovery. Postoperative therapy is complementary to surgery, which reduces recovery time effectively. It is mainly based on reducing edema through lymphatic drainage.

Manual lymphatic drainage is very important in treatments and care after cosmetic surgery. Being a manual technique that improves lymphatic circulation, its use will help eliminate all post-surgical edema before. Thanks to DLM, we improve tissue healing, eliminate or reduce postoperative discomfort and accelerate recovery.

Tummy tuck is the operation where an excess of skin, abdominal fat is removed and muscle sagging is corrected. Liposuction is the medical treatment of cosmetic surgery that involves sucking the subcutaneous fat by introducing a cannula connected to a vacuum pump under the skin.
After a body contouring procedure, part of its success is the use of a tummy tucker. The tummy tucker is made of two types of fabric, the outer part is made of powernet (fabric that exerts adequate pressure to mold your figure) and the inner part is lined in cotton lycra flannel (soft touch fabric, prevents allergies and burns). It is a phase II tummy tucker, which helps accelerate the healing process. The purpose of the tummy tucker is to eradicate excess fat in specific areas of the body.

The time determined to use this tummy tucker online India varies depending on the specifications of the plastic surgeon and recovery.

  • The risk of skin irregularities, such as ripples and bumps, is reduced. The use of a tummy tucker in a surgically treated area, such as the abdomen, exerts a uniform pressure on the area, improving skin adhesion and healing.
  • The tummy tucker contracts the skin which is beneficial because after aging the skin loses elasticity and after any plastic surgery that involves extracting fat under the skin can result in loose skin.
  • A compression garment causes surgical bandages and dressings to be held in place, allowing the incisions to remain protected and clean in the early stages of healing. In this way, the risk of infection is reduced.
  • The compression of a tummy tucker in the surgical area minimizes the movement of the tissues involved in the surgery, allowing patients to remain comfortable while they are still or in motion.
  • It helps reduce bruising and swelling, because the compression of the tummy tucker optimizes blood circulation and reduces fluid retention.

The waist and hips are two areas where fat cells tend to accumulate and where more fluid is retained so they tend to look larger. Therefore, wearing high compression garments stimulates the body to produce more sweat and reduce measures. The waistband helps shape the body while losing fat. The zipper of this tummy tucker allows the total closure and that the pressure goes from the abdominal area to the waist allowing you to obtain a smaller waist.

The tummy tucker is ideal for people who practice sports and high intensity workouts, since the thick shoulder straps as well as the high back of this compression tummy tucker helps to have greater support in the back. The tummy tucker is made of latex on the outside and flannel inside to avoid burns or allergies when sweating. It has three rows of brooches for you to adapt as low measures.

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