How To Gain The Most Out Of Online Learning


Seek specialised help

This is probably one of the most important factors in determining the benefits one can reap from an online course.  If you are opting for only a specific subject, research all your options and narrow it down to the one that best suits you. Seek help from experts in that particular field. Online homework help can guide people with their studies and assignments.

Analyse why you are doing it

Only when each action is motivated by a strong reason can we achieve the desired results. The reasons are subjective and may differ from person to person. One has to take decisions based on their moral compass. Decide why you want to study a particular course and where that will take you.

Envision the direction that choosing a course will lead you to. Proceed only if you are sure that the course you have chosen will put you on the right track. A self-analysis of one’s strengths and weaknesses can also aid in choosing. A deeper understanding of what one is good at helps in taking the appropriate courses needed to develop that skill.

Set Goals

Goals are like binoculars that help us discern what is in the distance. By setting clear, concrete goals our journey towards reaching it has already begun. Decide on what you will do in the near future. What are the things you would like to accomplish?

Short term goals will keep you focussed on your current tasks. While long term goals are the ones that offer you motivation. Decide what you would like to be doing in five years’ time. Realising what gets us out of bed every day can be a good indicator of our interests. Make sure that the course fits your journey and your goal map.

Choose a convenient time

It is important that we set aside a specific time and space to study. It helps us in building the momentum to keep it going. Disciplined studying for online classes can be a hard task for many. That is why setting aside a time of day for it can help us conform to it.

Establish flow

Establish a flow in your daily routine, so you organically set about doing your tasks. For example, decide to study online everyday after breakfast. This will ensure that, as soon as you finish your breakfast you will go on to study without feeling stressed about it. Flow is quintessential in removing stress from our lives. It will remove the start-up energy required to do tasks. One can easily move on from one task to another.

Set aside a space

As online classes happen virtually it is hard to stay focussed. You may be easily distracted. By setting aside a physical space like a room or a desk, you will be able to remind yourself to stay focussed.

As there are less or no books while studying online, have a physical reminder of your course. It will keep you on track. Have a book for keeping your notes. Arrange your desk in a way that encourages you to study. Have your favourite coffee mug, laptop and note beside you. Do things that will conjure a positive feeling around studying. Associating your favourite things with studying will keep you enthusiastic about it.

Be consistent

It is an oft heard phrase that consistency is key. Of course, its importance cannot be stressed enough, especially in relation to studying. Studying requires frequent effort to keep things from being forgotten. Our memory has to be constantly stimulated by revision and reading. Re-read your notes and revisit the lectures to refresh your memory. Look for online homework help when you face difficulty with assignments.

Find a study partner

The effects of peer studying have always shown amazing results. Having a study partner makes you accountable. Not just in the real-world classroom but having an online buddy too can greatly motivate us. Update each other about your progress, check on them and get advice. Collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas can give brilliant results for both the partners involved. It must be a symbiotic relationship, of giving and taking feedback.

Document and share what you learnt

This is a great technique to reinforce what one has learnt. Write down your take-aways after the end of each session. Share and teach others what you know, whenever you get an opportunity. Make your notes of each session as attractive as possible. So that you will be excited to look through it. Mind maps, pictures and diagrams are all interesting ways to record what you learnt.

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