How Hair Extensions Clips Can be Taken Care of?


Being a girl is definitely of great pride. One wonderful thing that every girl can do is to change her look without much hassle or requiring much effort. It is possible to use a clip in hair extensions to attach to the hair and not requiring any professional help for the same. This can help transform the tresses, from something tired and weary to amazing in just five minutes’ time. Clipping in the extensions, one can just enjoy longer hair on any day and become the head turner at the party, be it informal or formal.>

Knowing about remy clip in hair extensions

The 22 inch remy clip in hair extensions for full head is likely to cost a good amount. These sets have been designed for being re used by the wearer. Hence, they need to be taken appropriate care of, to ensure that they stay appearing the best. While purchasing clips, one can search for Remy hair designation that is mentioned within the product description. It would mean that the clip-ins is created from top quality natural human hair. Besides synthetic hair that is difficult to be styled, it cannot be heat treated, lasting just about 1-2 years before it starts to shed and gives out that lackluster appearance.

No special tools are required for caring the clip-in hair extensions, since they can be done at the home without professional assistance and quickly.

Styling tips

It is possible to have human clip-in extensions to be blow dried and straightened; heat styled and curled with the normal hair. However, like not allowing the hair dryer or ceramic straighteners to be near the hair without actually applying heat protection spray, it is essential to spray the clip-ins using heat treatment spray. It helps the hair to be safeguarded from 200 to 300 degree temperatures that is emitted by the modern ceramic straighteners that would otherwise sing the shaft of the hair and cause damage to it.


22 inch clip in hair extensions can be brushed if worn using bristle brush or wide tooth comb of good quality. Clips are better avoided while brushing the hair when wearing, since the brush would tangle and also pull. While removing the clip-in hair extensions after using it for the day, the person can brush to smooth and untangle; hold it up and start from bottom, pull gently the comb throughout the hair. In case, any clip-ins gets tangled or knotted, then detangle gently starting from knot bottom.


Even though clip-in extensions are removed always before showering or bathing, it is essential to wash them for providing that fresh, clean look. An easy way to avail the best results is by wetting gently extensions using warm water. It can be done by placing them within a basin or holding the shower attachments over under mild temperature and gentle pressure. Extensions can be applied with shampoo and combed through for ensuring that the strands are all coated and rinsed until water runs clear. This process is to be repeated using gentle conditioner.

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