Get Your Adrenaline Pumping This Winter With These Breathtaking Activities

With cold days and long chilly nights taking over, it seems like you no longer have to amble too far in order to get your fix this winter. Also, what could be better than to kick-start the New Year with some breathtaking adventurous activities that are worth remembering?
There are two types of people – one are who like staying home, lazing on their couch hooked on Netflix, while the others cannot even remain still and are in the constant need of doing something adventurous and exhilarating!

If you are someone who loves exploring places and wondrous adventures, then we must tell you that you are very lucky. There are several exciting things that you could do this winter to give yourself a break from your droning life. Besides, what else could appeal to your adventurous appetite more than activities that quench your adrenaline? So, why not scrap those typical dreary destinations, think out of the book and look for activity-centric trips that would help you keep nature deficiency at bay and give a thrilling experience altogether?
Whether you are rappelling down a high-rise or jumping out of a plane, we have got the ultimate list of breathtaking activities ready for you. With these activities you’re bound to get your adrenaline rushing and blood pumping!

Are you all set to take on things to its extremity this winter? Heli-skiing could be just your thing!
It indeed is an exasperating fact of life that most of the world’s finest skiing places aren’t easy to get to by lift. But, you could certainly take a helicopter and fly all the way to the peak to ski through a ‘virgin powder run’. Also, helicopter is a much faster option to queue for the chairlift amid the slopes.
Not to mention, with virgin powder snow at your feet you’re bound to have one hell of an experience!

Do you want to take a leisurely trip through the forests covered with snow? Snowmobiling might just be the thing you’ve been looking for! No matter what is your experience level, the exhilaration of snowmobiling is unrivalled. Not to mention, it is a cooler version of snowboarding and skiing.
Simply rent a sled, head towards an individual or multi-day snowmobiling adventure, explore the mountain paradise and have an experience of a lifetime. After this adrenaline-filled activity, you could end your day with an invigorating dip in a hot spring!

Sleigh Ride
Sleigh ride is the highlight of the winter wonderland adventure with sleigh bells jingling in the background. Add to it the charm of the muted beat of horse hooves on freshly-fallen snow and it will become the highlight of your trip.
Take your entire family on an enchanting sleigh ride and etch these moments in your memory forever.

Snow Tubing
This is another adventure that can be done with the whole family. What’s more, it’s fun, easy and perfect! Who wouldn’t love a fun few hours that are spent snow tubing in the mountains?
Get ready for a bumpy ride and slide and glide your way down the hill finding a way around the obstacles with stunning scenery to keep you company.

Glacier Trek
A glacier resembles a life form floating away slowly with a weathered look from above, constantly evolving. Take a leisurely walk over one and you will have cramponed where seldom anyone crampons.
Glaciers are a truly nature’s phenomenon and it’s an amazing experience to walk on the surface of ice that took thousands of years to form. Glaciers are constantly on the move. The glacial ice submits to the forces of gravity and slowly drifts away and forms over time.

Paint balling
Okay, we know that this activity is something that you are familiar with but hey, we couldn’t leave it out because of the fun factor that is bound to get you all charged.
Paintballing is a game where players compete with each other either as a part of a team or individually to eliminate opponents. This they do by tagging them with capsules that consists of water soluble dye and gelatine shell (the paintballs) that is propelled from the paintball marker, which is essentially known as the paintball gun.
The rules of playing paintball may vary, but can include capture the flag, ammunition limits, elimination, defending or attacking a certain area or point. It can even include capturing of objects that are hidden in the playing area.

Get onboard to what you might refer to as a bathtub on rails as it plunges at the speed of 75 mph. The upside is that the driver is a professional through and through, and the downside? Well, this amazing 14-turn ride lasts for only 60 seconds.

Cross-country Ski
The only trouble with skiing is that they take you all the way down the hill. Take a turn to spice things up a bit and shuffle your way around the Jotunheimen National Park situated in Norway with a side of cross-country style.
It will prove to be the workout of your life but the view you get while gliding down the velvety snow is absolutely worth it.

Tour Skate
Skating round and round an ice rink can get pretty boring very fast. But when you think of free-styling your way around a frozen lake, well that’s another story entirely!
If doing laps round an ice rink doesn’t appeal to your adventurous and adrenaline-hungry self then why not up your game and go freestyle around frozen lakes. You will be left rosy cheeked and gasping with the thrill that you will experience!

Love exploring mountains at snail pace? Strap on a pair of snowshoes or Nordic skis and go grab your adventure! Set your own course, be the boss and take in the natural beauty in all its glory sans the distraction of crowds.
Believe us when we say, you’d be creating your own personal sanctuary even in snow that is much deeper than your expectations. Go wild with all the snow and don’t forget to befriend a yeti or two!

Climbing a normal wall is so mainstream! So, why not fancy something out of the box? Go climb a wall or cliff-side completely drenched in shimmering ice! Of course, it is going to be super slippery, but you’re certainly going to enjoy that adrenaline rush.
However, for those who are less-daring, can visit the Ouray Ice Festival where you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while watching the others mounting the ice.

Dog Sledding
Dog sledding has always been a solo affair (not literally though!). This is one such solo activity, wherein you sail through an icy terrain with eight furry friends.
When sailing across these snow-covered terrains on sled pulled by the power of eight dedicated dogs, you’re bound to feel your heart and adrenaline pumping! This is one hell of an experience that would let you know what life tastes like when eight power packed dogs pulling a sled were the only means of transport during winters.

These are some of the most adventurous activities, which are surely going to get your heart beat pumping. So, do not let the dropping temperatures lock you indoors and go get high off that adrenaline rush!

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When he’s not busy rock climbing or hanging out with friends exploring places, Lewis Khan is writing for Avalanche Adventure. He is a passionate creator and traveller, who simply loves mountains and winter sports. He spends his days tailoring articles regarding various thrilling activities, and tips and tricks for people to make the most out of their trips.

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