Flooring Accessories At Its Best


To obtain a fine and furnished floor we need a number of flooring accessories which provides various functions and various use and they are:

Kronogreen Skirting with variety and quality has made loyalty to our accessories and profile category. Its unique shapes give easy installation and make the natural looking of wood to support all your interior design projects

The 90 mm height skirting is suitable to cover existing marble or stone skirting. Also the higher height is suggested for bigger area to show the skirting better

The 70 mm is our standard skirting which we offer for all our flooring range. Its unique shape makes it famous in the market as Kronogreen profile

The beading profile which has more hidden view than biding and suitable profile for joints with L shape at wall corner down, up or in any other corner or angel

The other name of mit is end profile and it used to finish the job and close end of it with this profile. The main usage is near glass partitions.

Corner guard or internal-external profile will be used to cover edges or corner of wall to cover cutting and unarranged joints.

Resource : http://greenwood.ae

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