Five Modest Ways To Style An Office Outfit With A Hijab


After you set your feet in the business world, as a Muslim woman, you may be confused on how to follow the latest fashion along with your Hijab. Coordinating office attires may be a tough task.

One will be led to liking a professional look. But by professional, there are many more meanings other than the usual stiletto or expensive corporate suits. It basically demands a feminine, smart and refreshing look. For maintaining individuality and modesty, one can style yourself around the Hijab. For the Hijab, you can shop from best formal hijab store online.

It could be an expensive affair to create a complete formal wardrobe. A wiser decision could be to invest in a couple of fashion basics like pants, blazers, and a pair of comfortable footwear like well fitting heels. You may build up your wardrobe and be tempted to make better use of items in your closet. The trick is to style these items for a modest look. Just some basic tweaking and you can make a long lasting impression on others with the office wear you choose.

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  • FIRST STYLE: Necklace to make a statement-

You can go in for a complete black theme for your office wear. But most women prefer vivid colors as their personal style. For instance, wear a dark , berry colored pants with accessories like black lace heels, a printed, colorful Hijab and the most trending fashion statement- a chunky necklace.

  • SECOND STYLE: Go for neutral shades-

When you grow bored of the usual, dull blues and blacks go in for some refreshing whites. Do you lack formal pants? You can definitely use the cuffed pants stuffed in your closet or just fold your colored, loose fit pants. Tuck your shirt inside at the front and allow it free at the back to serve as a modest covering. A quiet understated elegance can be achieved by limiting accessories to your watch and hand bag that matches your outfit.

  • THIRD STYLE: Go for jumpsuits-Hijab 3

A mode of dressing in a relaxing and comfortable attire is to go for that jumpsuit in your wardrobe. It is far more versatile than you can imagine. Don your blazer and a pair of high heels to achieve a cozy, chic look. Most fashion experts recommend that you stay away from animal prints for the office, but there is no harm in experimenting with that look.

  • FOURTH STYLE: Go for skirts-

Non-hijabi fashionistas may look great in short skirts or minis. But you can become a brand promoter for maxi skirts in your business conferences and meetings. Choose the layered and less flowy maxi-skirts into which you can tuck in your button-up top and complete the look with a narrow belt. Avoid any of the vibrant colors and keep it simple with neutral colors, blacks and grays. Add a complementary cardigan or blazer and a stylish necklace to make a matchless impression on others.

  • FIFTH STYLE: Consider dresses-Hijab3

Instead of the boring, daily combo of pants and blazers, make a stunning entrance to your office with a well selected, simple dress of knee-length. Include a blazer or cardigan, kitten heels and leggings- and your look is complete. This is a breezy, semi-formal look, ideal for office wear.

Get rid of the mistaken idea that office wear has to be boring and wearing the Hijab restricts your scope to style your looks. Buy formal Hijab online and mix and match with items from your closet. You can achieve an elegant and modest look, by following these fashion trends.

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