Awesome DIY Ribbon Crafts

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Even if you’re an experienced crafter, you may not realize how many great do-it-yourself options you have when using ribbon. Since ribbon comes in virtually every size, color, and design option, you’re certain to find the perfect one to fit your DIY project need.

Read on to discover awesome DIY ribbon crafts!


Wreaths are not only cheerful and seasonal, they’re easy to make with ribbon—and they’re not just for Christmas, too. Update your door seasonally or for a special occasion by hanging a wreath for:

  • Baby Gender Reveal: Whether it’s a baby shower or a welcome home for a new baby, you can easily create a pink or blue wreath from ribbon and hang it on your front door to tell your guests and visitors: “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” You can add whimsy and interest by including polka dots or stripes.
  • Graduation: Preschool, high school, or college—all graduations deserve a celebration. If you’re having a party, then hang a ribbon wreath with school colors on the front door so everyone knows how proud you are of your graduate.
  • Sports Teams: Whether it’s the Super Bowl or the World Cup, use your favorite team’s colors to create a special front door wreath. With a little effort, you’ll be able to find ribbon with footballs or soccer balls to make the wreath even more specific to the occasion.
  • Housewarming: If you’re new to the neighborhood and having an open house for your family and new friends, create a wreath that shows off your likes and hobbies. It will be a fun ice-breaker for your new neighbors and it will be an easy way to start up a conversation. Add paper bees and butterflies to the wreath and talk to your neighbors about local gardening.


It’s easy to add color and personality to your home decor by creating ribbon pillows. You can choose a size and shape that works for you. Pick out ribbons that you like. Cut them to size and sew or glue them until you have the shape you want. Place a couple on your living room couch for a burst of cheerfulness.


A ribbon pillow also makes a terrific gift because you can personalize it with colors and designs, and it shows that you put thought and effort into the occasion.

Picture Frames

Start with a simple clear plastic frame and dress it up with a ribbon border. Just cut strips of your favorite ribbon to fit the frame and then glue the ribbon to create an attractive border.

Again, you can use any type of ribbon with any type of embossed decoration on your frame. For example, a ribbon embossed with dogs makes a fun decoration for a picture frame containing a photo of your own pet dog.

Crafting Party

Invite some friends over for a glass of wine and ribbon crafting. Stick to very easy ribbon creations, so that you and your friends will have plenty of time to socialize and won’t need to worry about mistakes. For example, a few great social crafting ideas include:

Ribbon Bookmarks


If you have a book club or if you and your friends just enjoy reading, have a party to make ribbon bookmarks. Make sure you have a variety of ribbon—different lengths and widths; different colors and designs; different materials (some cotton, some silky). You and your friends can sew on charms to make each bookmark unique.

The charms can be initials or something significant to everyone in the group, like a heart, a wine glass, or a star charm.

Ribbon Lanyards

Everyone needs a keychain, so why not create a unique and personalized one from ribbon? You can make a lanyard that fits around your neck so you never lose your keys.

Better yet, invite your friends with teenagers over. Each parent can make a keychain lanyard to give to his or her children for house keys or car keys. The teenager will love having a set of keys, and the parent will appreciate knowing which keys belong to whom.

Ribbon Tiaras

If your kids are young, invite their friends over for a crafting party or a play date and have them make ribbon hats or tiaras. Invite parents as well, so it’s more enjoyable for you. You can start with plain straw hats or halo-shaped styrofoam or wire circles, and cover with ribbons.

Importantly, don’t forget that ribbon is always the best finishing touch on a wrapped gift! Everyone appreciates the thought and care that goes into a beautiful, ribboned present. Whatever your needs are, enjoy crafting awesome DIY ribbon crafts with your friends and family, and discover what new ideas you can come up with!

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Roy Cunningham is an experienced freelance writer based in the Los Angeles area. He has always had a deep interest in DIY projects and a particular love for ribbons, bows, and glitter.

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