Some Of The Famous Beach Activities – Infographic

Almost every person loves going to the beach. A day in the sun and on the sand is a great time to spend with the family and play interesting beach games.

Once everyone has had a chance to swim and build sand castles, introducing some fun beach games that everyone can play is an interesting idea which gets the whole family involved and provides them with a chance to do something new and exciting.

The Infographic titled as “Beach Games-Entertainment Guide For The Whole Family” talks about some of the popular beach activities and games which are as follows:

  • Etch And Sketch: It’s as simple as imagining a word and then drawing it in the wet sand with a finger or a stick.
  • Pebble Art: This involves collecting rocks and pebbles and arranging them into particular fun shapes e.g. that of a fish. These tend to handle the tides better than sand sculptures.
  • Long Jump: This game is proven as a good exercise and ideal to be played in sand.
  • Do Beach Yoga: You can also take a meditative moment and do yoga to the sound of the waves.

For further details, you can refer the given On the Beach Infographic.



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