Expressing Feelings With Flowers


Flowers exude their own special language. The Victorians cultivated an art out of the language of flowers.

Victorian women carried small bouquets known as tussie- mussies, with messages encoded in the flower language. Strands of ivy were symbols of friendship and fidelity while gardenias conveyed the message of ‘secret love’ and forsythia conveyed anticipation.

Use Flowers to Speak for You;

It is not wise to design a garden based on the meaning of flowers. Colour and texture a better criterion for that. But flower meanings are a lot of fun when you create a bouquet of flowers or floral display to grant as gifts. Online flower delivery in Jaipur can be used to send messages.

For instance, there is the case you want to send a thank you message. You can include iris and white bell flowers for gratitude, spearmint for feelings of warmth and amaranth for affection.

Making Bouquets Personal

It is quite common that you express romantic feelings with flowers. There is also a certain meaning associated with including ferns and baby’s breath in the bouquets. While roses convey love, baby’s breath stand for everlasting commitment and ferns convey sincerity. You can make your love notes more personal with flowers.

Red tulips are absolute declarations of love. For being subtler, jonquils reveal desire, sunflower- adoration and violets carry the message that the recipient is in your thoughts.

Message Through Leaves

The message through flowers is not the only language. Leaves of plants also convey special meaning. For instance, throw in some basil leaves to say, Good Luck. If one can include a four-leaf clover in the bouquet, it is a much better way to express- ‘Be Mine” as compared to a candy heart.


It is not just the flowers and leaves, but also the way in which they are displayed. Flowers inclined to the left speak for you while right inclination give messages about the receiver. The way you hold flowers also convey a message. If this sounds complicated, there is rosemary standing forremembrance.

If you are not too fond of flowers, surprise your loved one with a pineapple standing for ‘perfection’. Or you may send hazelnuts for achieving reconciliation.

Some Examples of Flower Meanings:

Florists who do flower delivery online Jaipur, will help you send the apt message. If you are interested in the historic meaning of flowers, the Society of American Florists has compiled this list:

  • Amaryllis: Dramatic
  • Anemone: Fragility
  • Aster: Contentment
  • Azalea: Abundance
  • Begonia: Deep Thought
  • Baby’s Breath: Festivity
  • Black Eyed Susan: Encouragement
  • Pink Carnation: Gratitude
  • White Carnation: Remembrance
  • White Chrysanthemum: Truth
  • Red Chrysanthemum: Sharing
  • Yellow Chrysanthemum: Secret Admiration
  • Cosmos: Peace
  • Daffodils: Chivalry
  • Daisy: Innocence
  • Gardenia: Joy
  • Geranium: Comfort
  • Gladiolus: Strong Character
  • Hibiscus: Delicate Beauty
  • Iris: Inspiration
  • Jasmine: Grace
  • Lavender: Distrust
  • Magnolia: Dignity
  • Orchid: Beauty
  • Peony: Healing
  • Pansy: Loving Thoughts
  • Pink Rose: Admiration
  • Red Rose: Passionate Love
  • White Rose: Purity
  • Pink Tulip: Caring
  • Red Tulip: Love
  • Violet: Faithfulness

These are messages conveyed by some flowers.

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