2 Key Things to Ask Before Going Ahead With Tennis Lessons – Infographic

Tennis LessonsTennis is amongst the best sports in the world. It is high on physical activity, great workout, good for both body and mind, quite safe as compared to other sports (minimal injuries), best way to relieve stress, and is viewed as an elitist sport. The best thing about tennis is that you can play it all year round without the need to round up a team to play. You just require a racket, balls and one other person to go and play tennis at a tennis court. If your child is interested in this sport and you are looking for tennis lessons at Fort Lauderdale for him/her, you must ask few important things before going ahead with tennis lessons:

  • What size of racket to buy for your child? There are rackets available in the market for people with different age groups. From age ranging from 0-4 years- the best suitable racket size is of 19 inches, for 4-5 years-21 inches, for 10-12 years-26 inches and for 12 and over-27-29 inches.

  • What type of ball should be used? Generally, young kids are allowed to play with a regular tennis ball. However, foam balls are best to use as they have lower bounce and weigh less.

It is important to note that for children ages 4-7 years- 30 minutes of tennis lesson is enough, for 8-12 years- 45 minutes and children ageing 12 or older can handle 60 minutes.

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