Exercising With a Waist Trainer – What You Must Know

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If we get a dime every time someone relates waist training with the Kardashian clan, we will be millionaires in no time. It seems like they are the ones who started the trend but that isn’t true. Many celebrities endorsed waist training before the K-Clan. Not to mention, waist trainers were quite popular in the fitness world long before the celebrities hopped on the bandwagon.

We have nothing against celebrities flaunting their corsets. The problem is they promote a trend but do not create awareness. Most people believe tying their waists with a belt of any sort will get the job done.

Here is a reality check: waist cinching alone doesn’t make much of a difference, not a lasting one at least. You need to adopt a healthier lifestyle, a healthier diet, and commit to a regular exercise regimen. Endurance training, good old cardio, or any form of workout you are comfortable with can give a good result. It is important to know a few important things about exercising with a waist trainer before you begin.

First Things First: What Is Waist Training?

Waist training is all about using a belt or corset to get that perfect hourglass shape. Historically, corsets made from a steel frame were worn as a fashion statement as they instantly concealed all the flab. That is not waist training.

Waist training is all about using the right techniques to get voluptuous curves. If done right, waist training can help you shed more flab from your tummy and waist during a workout. Plus, the waist trainers also help you maintain a perfect posture. This can prevent several injuries that result from poor posture during a workout.

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So, now you know what waist training is, it’s time to buy a waist trainer to see better results out of your workout. Let’s talk about the other important aspects.

It’s Not Magic

Yes, waist trainers or compression belts will make your waist appear slimmer instantly. That is something you can expect from any shapewear. However, if you are expecting it to take all that flab out in a few hours, that’s unrealistic. It is not a magic belt. The short-term effect is temporary. As soon as you take it off, the flab is back. For the long-term result, you will need to wear it for a longer time.

Instant results that are also permanent are not possible with non-invasive solutions. So, the first thing you need is to set realistic expectations.

It’s Not a Corset

Yes, we started with a little lesson in history about corset but we mentioned that wearing a corset for temporary visual impact is not waist training. Waist trainers are different. The ones you need for the workout are specifically made to compress your waist without restricting your movement. You can wear these waist trainers and do any workout including yoga without compromising your flexibility.


So, if you are tempted to take that corset out of your grandmother’s heirlooms, keep in mind that you cannot work out in it. You need a waist trainer made from compression fabric also known as heat shaper belts.

Material Matters

Speaking of compression fabric, natural rubber, neoprene, nylon, and polyester are a few of the popular choices that allow a comfortable fit and easy movement. Modern-day corsets or waist trainers are also made from steel boning for maximum compression. However, the materials and designs are much comfortable than the classic corsets.

Always invest in a trainer made from the high-quality hypoallergenic material. Heat shapers will make you sweat a lot. You don’t want to risk any allergies or rashes.

You Need a Plan

When it comes to workout, different exercises work for different people. It is the same with waist training. Whether you are into yoga, Pilates, or strength training, you need to figure out how you can make the most out of a waist trainer. It is best to follow a seven-day plan, with a different set of exercises every day of the week. In two to three weeks, you will get an idea of which workout is most suitable.


Remember, a plan will not only help you get the right results, it will also help you maintain the look you have worked so hard for.

Listen to Your Body

Don’t listen to what anyone tells you about how long you should wear the waist trainer for or how tight it should be. Some people can easily wear the trainers all day while others can experience discomfort in a few hours. Some people feel no discomfort in the tightest fit while others can experience pain. So, the wisest advice is to listen to your body. Find out what works best for you.

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If you aren’t comfortable wearing it too tight or for too long, start with shorter periods of time. You can wear it only during exercise focused on your muscle. You can gradually increase the waist training duration.

Wait for that Waist!

If you are wearing a waist trainer for more than eight hours a day, you can see results much faster than someone who only wears it for an hour. Still, it might take around a month to see any real difference worth sharing on Instagram. There are many factors that might increase your wait time. Your body type, your diet, and your genes play a vital role. But don’t be disheartened by the slow progress. Be consistent, be patient and you will eventually see the hourglass body.


Remember, the regular workout will improve the results you will get with a waist trainer. Together, they will add to each other’s efficiency. While the wait is frustrating, the combo will deliver results much faster than what you can expect from workout or waist training alone.

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