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People are now a lot more conscious about their health then they were probably two decades ago. There is now more awareness amongst people and they know what things are the best for their health and what is not. This is why people now have changed their lifestyles and is now adopting a new healthier lifestyle which was previously missing. There has been a change in the overall lifestyle as well where we now see different places that now promote healthier food so that a healthier lifestyle is adopted in daily life. There are different diet plans available that are customized according to an individual’s requirement as well.

These changes towards adopting an overall healthier lifestyle have also had an impact on the health of teeth as well. Previously people did not care much about the overall health of their teeth but now they do care about it. this can be learned from the fact that people now are actively listening to their dentists so that they may know which type of food they should consume and which food they should avoid. Not only this, people are now more cautious and perform different teeth exercises so that their teeth remain healthy. People care about their orthodontics as well as they look to prevent any malpositioned teeth and jaws.


Keeping yourself healthy while brushing your teeth is another common thing that people are now doing. In order to save their time, people exercise while they are brushing their teeth. In a fast world of today, this seems like the best option that these people have. In order to tell you more about it, we will now take you through different exercises that you can perform while you are brushing your teeth so that you and your teeth both can remain healthy over a long period of time.


While brushing your teeth, the best exercises that you can perform is your leg exercises. And what is better than to perform lunges while you are brushing your teeth. As your hands are busy brushing your teeth, lunges are that one exercise that you can easily do without the use of your hands and you can continue brushing as well. To perform lunges step your right foot ahead so that you can bend your knee and your thigh goes parallel with the ground. Your knee needs to be at 90-degree angle and it should not go past your toe. Balance the left foot behind you and then bend both your knees to lower and straighten your knees. This process can be repeated for both the knees for a minimum of one minute each. If you can’t hold on to 1 lunge for 1 minute then you can do it till you can hold. After that, you can switch the other knee lunge and repeat the process vice-versa.


Wall Sit

Another popular exercise that is beneficial for your health specifically your legs and back is the wall sit exercise. You can perform this exercise easily while you are brushing your teeth as all you need is a wall to perform it. stand about two feet away from the wall and lean back against it. after that, you need to slide your knees down to the ground so that your knees are at a 90-degree angle. However, you need to make sure that your knees don’t go beyond your toes and you have to maintain the 90-degree angle before your knees go past the toes. This exercise demands a lot of strength and it can be performed until you are done brushing your teeth. An average person takes around 3-4 minutes to brush their teeth so you can perform this exercise for about 3-4 minutes and then move ahead with your daily work. If you brush your teeth twice a day then you can perform this exercise twice a day as well. this exercise will make sure that your legs and back are strengthened as all the force is one them at the time of exercise.

Sit Backs

Sit backs is another exercise that you can easily perform while you are brushing your teeth. This particular exercise does not require any accessory that you won’t have. All you need to perform sit backs is a chair or a bed or anything on which you can sit. Stand two foot apart from the chair and then sit down and get back up. The weight while performing sit backs should be on your heels and your feet should be wider than your hips. Once you get the position right, you can perform as many sit backs as you can until you are finished brushing. The typical time for performing sit backs is of about 2 minutes. The more you perform the better it is but it will drain out a significant amount of energy from your body as it can be very difficult to perform this exercise.

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High Leg Holds

High leg holds may sound like an easy and interesting exercise that you can perform but in actual it is the most difficult exercise to do specifically when you are brushing your teeth. In order to perform high leg holds, you need to lift your right leg in front of you as high as you can. Once done you need to hold the leg in the air for about 30 seconds after which you need to change your position and hold the left leg high for another 30 seconds. This process can be repeated again and again until you get tired or you are finished brushing. The exercise helps you get better legs and improves the strength of your thighs as well. The more you perform the better it is as you will get more strength in your legs with this particular exercise.


Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring stretch is probably one of the easiest exercises that a person can do as it does not require a lot of strength to perform. Most of the people perform this exercise to warm their body. Athletes use this particular exercise before their games so that their body is warmed up and it does not consume a lot of energy as well. in order to perform hamstring stretch, you need to lift your leg onto a toilet or a desk and lean on to it to stretch. Once done, you can perform a similar exercise on the other leg as well. The average time to hold onto one stretch is of about 1 minute and then you can move onto the next stretch.

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