Discount Brokers – Providing Professional Services to the Investors

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The discount brokers in India provide several services to the investors and are highly popular because of the lower rates of brokerage which they charge. These companies help to provide the investment-related services through both online as well as off-line-based platforms that can help investors to have the necessary information and then invest in securities.

Some of the best discount brokers in India are mentioned as follows:

  1. Wisdom capital: This Company has been rated as the highest and is the most popular discount broker in India. The company offers different services including the online as well as application-based trading platforms. It also provides the facility to pay zero brokerage for the lifetime of the individual. The costs associated with opening the Demat Account are also very low and there are zero hidden costs related to investment in the stock market-based securities. The company has the best consumer care services which help the investors to deal with their problems efficiently.
  2. IDBI paisa builder: This is another one of the leading discount brokers in India and is a subsidiary of IDBI Bank Ltd. An individual can very well invest in stock market securities like mutual funds and other securities which are traded on the stock market with the help of the professional services from this company. It is also able to provide both online as well as an application-based trading platform to the individuals. The individuals receive online stock market-related information and can do the investment in stock markets with the help of this app very easily.
  3. The Kotak Securities: This is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra bank ltd. This is also one of the leading discount brokerage companies in India. It will help to open three in one Demat, Trading and bank account for the investor so that they can deal with different stock market securities. The company also has various call centres and services which are based upon the element of advisory services so that they can cover all the towns and cities in India.
  4. RKSV: This is a Mumbai-based discount brokerage company and provides best quality services because of which the individuals make various informed decisions in the whole process of investment. The company provides both monthly as well as yearly brokerage plans from which the individual can select depending upon his or her convenience. The charges charged by the company are Rs.20 per transaction which is low in comparison to other firms. The company also provides the service of trading for free for the first five transactions which is the unique feature in comparison to all other firms.

These discount brokerage firms like ICICI direct have to provide the investors with their best and professional services and help to assist them all the time throughout the process of investment. All the above-mentioned companies have an established brand name in the market and aim to provide the element of effectiveness as well as efficiency to all the investors so that they can invest in a hassle-free manner.


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