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A study shows that having a purpose presents you with more resilience and assists in accomplishing life goals with a long, happy, and healthy life. Identifying your passion might seem a difficult task, but the truth is, you’re equipped with the tools to not only identify your passion but also live it. But how is the question?

The ability to do something depends upon how passionate you’re towards your goals, whether you want to push yourself beyond the abilities to achieve your goals or accept the present situation. Everything starts with the brain and positive thinking. However the problem is that most of us are not aware of how to manage the mind. In fact, the opposite happens, the mind manages us. It indicates that we’re terrible managers. We can’t control our minds the way we want. Somewhere along the line, we start feeling as a victim on the face of constant failures in spite of putting in all the effort.
The authentic sacred wisdom – Yoga, focuses on training your brain and body to be centered on achieving your goals. Yoga promotes positive thinking and allows you to instantly get over with the pessimistic thoughts for leading a healthy and happy life. Most of us connect yoga with physical exercise. Yoga leaves a profound impact on someone’s life as it changes our minds in the following ways. Keep reading to find out.

Spiritual Awakening

Even though yoga is not a religion, yet it affects the spiritual sense of an individual because the seven laws of spirituality teach the same. These laws act as the means for finding love and compassion through inner peace for us and for others. For instance, one of the laws is about Karma. It states that the way we treat others comes back to us. In other words, if we are kind towards others, we will receive kindness in return.

Yoga Poses

Focus and Clarity

Yoga emphasizes the necessity of frequent meditation practice because it helps in keeping the thoughts positive. When negative thoughts approach us during the meditation practice, it simply pushes those away and helps in regaining the focus towards relaxation of the body and breathing. It is crucial to maintain emotional health. Stress, depression, and anxiety are mostly caused because of the inability to see the good things in your life. Learn to guide your thoughts back to the present helping in subsiding negative feelings. Keep in mind that a clear and focused mind leads to a successful life.

Control and Self-Discipline

By learning to control your thoughts and physiological response towards stressful surroundings – you can do more than you think it was ever possible. Yoga helps you become physically and mentally disciplined so that you will let go of the situations or fear that have been holding you back from the goals. You can achieve positive thinking by practicing mantra chanting with meditation. Focus on a phrase or keyword during each session. You can repeat it aloud or in your mind. It permeates into the subconscious mind changing your overall perspective towards anything in life. Yoga teaches you to see the world as a constant source of energy you’re tied to and then you can stab into the energy and able to manifest your desires.

Lowers the stress

Practicing yoga three times a week leads to a lower stress level. Frequent practice of yoga and meditation leaves positive effects on our mind and body. You don’t need to master every single pose; regular practice can be advantageous. Regular practice of yoga and meditation offers tools for releasing stored tensions from the body and lower the stress level by supplying energy.

Help you solve problems

Yoga is incredible in tackling challenges and problems. Whenever you get on the yoga mat and begin practice – you’re learning to deal with everything that comes to you and learning to face it with grace. Yoga challenges you at every turn, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. If you keep coming back on the yoga mat, then these skills overflow into life.

Boosts creativity

Yoga teaches you to be mindful, live in the moment, and don’t think about past or future, now and then – which stifles creativity. Breathe and maintain the open body for enabling you to be present at the moment and opens you for more creative ideas. Reduction of stress paves the path for free-flowing creativity.


Yoga opens several possibilities by decreasing tension and stress which enables you to have a positive attitude towards everything. The practice of yoga enables you to think about the things you could do with your body that you never thought of. It makes you understand that everything is possible.

Helps you adapt to the change

Life is unpredictable and thankfully regular practice of yoga makes us better to handle unexpected sudden changes. You become good at managing the fluctuations of the mind. Yoga transforms us into a response-able person by increasing the ability to respond well to all that comes your way. It is the secret of living more mindfully. It provides presence and clarity, which makes our life change.

Helps you visualize your goals

Studies show that visualization is the key to achieving goals. Many athletes state that they had visualized crazy outrageous things and ended up achieving them with the help of yoga. Daily practice can lead to setting an intention, refocus on the goals and nurture the body and the mind to achieve your goals.


Author Bio:

Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He conducts 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa and also in different cities of India. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature, Himalayas and Trekking in India.

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