The Definitive Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring for your partner is scary on multiple levels. First of all, will she (or he) say yes? And what if the ring you chose can’t get her approval?

To make you feel a little bit more confident about your proposal, we’ve put the definite guide together to help you choose the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

How do you know what ring your partner will like?

The hardest part of finding your partner a ring is to know what kind of ring she likes. There’s the type of fiancée who has already done his homework and has taken her to a jeweller to get a sense of her preferences. But there’s also the type of guy who wants to surprise her and operates in secrecy. If you fall into the latter category, have a look at the kind of jewellery she’s already wearing to find out whether she prefers white or yellow gold, and ask subtle questions to find out what kind of diamonds or gemstones she likes. Borrow one of her rings to find out about her ring size and, of course, you can always try to confide in her best friend to find out about other preferences.

Setting your budget

Engagement rings are a lifelong investment and they don’t tend to be cheap. You might hear that an engagement ring should be worth a two month’s salary, but choose a budget that is right for you. You can comprise on certain features (choosing white gold rather than platinum, for example) and it’s crucial that you go to a trustworthy jeweller who’s certified so you don’t spend more than is needed.

The four Cs

When assessing your diamond, familiarise yourself with the four Cs: cut, colour, clarity and carat. These factors determine a diamond’s value, rarity and beauty.

A diamond’s cut describes the way in which the diamond reflects light. The better the cut, the more your diamond will sparkle.

Diamond colour also says a lot about the quality of the stone. Diamond colours range from D to Z, with D being colourless and Z diamonds having a light yellow colour. The less colour your diamond has, the better the quality. A G colour diamond is one of the most common types of diamond, being nearly colourless but still affordable.

A diamond’s clarity is determined by the amount and location of flaws and blemishes. Diamonds that are free of inclusions are extremely rare and therefore all the more valuable.

Finally, jewellers measure their diamonds by speaking in terms of carats. A carat is defined as 200 milligrams and each carat can be subdivided into 100 points. The average weight of an engagement rings is between one carat and half a carat. The heavier the stone, the more valuable the diamond.

When you’re buying your ring, you can choose to buy a preset design (in which the diamond is already mounted on the ring setting) or a loose diamond. Choosing a loose diamond allows you to better assess the diamond’s quality and you can propose with a temporary setting so that you can later shop for a new setting together.

If you take all of the above tips into account, we’re a 100% sure you can find a quality ring that she won’t be able to refuse! Just make sure you always visit a professional, certified jeweller who can advise you on the quality of the diamond.

This article is contributed by Roman Winter. He is a freelance writer who loves to write about LifeSyle and Fashion Trends. You can reach out to him through his twitter profile.

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