Dangers of Drug Abuse at workplace – Infographic


Drug abuse is a curse and now it has been grown in business organizations all across the globe but in the U.S in particular. The studies have come with the results that telling about the trending activities of workplace substance abuse. The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information stated that almost 100 billion dollars a year U.S companies have to pay to their drug abused employees to prevent litigation issues and they have to deal with numerous other problems. Substance abused employees can create a violent environment by arguing with co-workers, lacking with the productivity, victim of tardiness and adopt the habit of tardiness, and lastly can make errors in their work.

Apart from all the issues, employers are desperate to raise productivity and want to get rid of the expenses they have to pay to the substance abused employees in the name of medical purposes. The fatal accidents may happen at the workplace if employers have accepted the drug abuse culture. Let’s discuss it further in terms of infographics.

Must Read: https://www.theonespy.com/dangers-drug-abuse-workplace-infographics/

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