10 Best Workouts for Reducing Your Stress

Stress and anxiety is a common problem faced by everyone around in the world. But handling stress is the most difficult thing, it is just a hormonal deficiency or problem in the segregation of hormones. To deal with this some go for tablets and medications, some want to try out with some physical exercise or some will also visit recovery centers of America.

  • Anxiety disorders affect nearly 25.1% of children aged between 13 and 18.

  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder PTSD affects 7.7 million adults or 3.5% of the U.S. population.

Stress interferes in everyone’s life at one time or another. They can affect your health by increasing your blood pressure, lack of sleep, headaches. Exercise improves blood circulation and helps to stimulate the secretion of endorphins or “feel good” hormones. There are many methodologies to handle this stress level and in this blog, we are going to speak about the different exercises which help to deal with depression and stress.

1. Belly Breathing

Concentrating more on your breathing makes you feel relaxed and helps you to relieve stress. Our lung is the major organ which helps in pumping the oxygen into the blood and return back Carbon dioxide. The process of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide is known as breathing. The diaphragm is a muscular sheet-like structure that separates or protects the lungs from other organs. When you inhale the diaphragm moves down and contract when you exhale it relaxes and expands. Belly Breathing is one such technique which focuses majorly on your breathing

Step1: Lay down on the mat
Step2: Place one of your hand in the lower ribcage and the other one on your chest
Step3: Breath slowly, don’t force your breathing
Step4: Exhale through your mouth

Repeat the steps how many times you are comfortable doing it, at least 5-10 in a day.

2. One-Minute Breathing

This one-minute breathing is very comfortable to do when you are at any place. Even right before your computers on the office table.

Step1: Sit in your chair straightly
Step2: Place your hands on the thigh in a way that all the tips of your index fingers and thumbs of right hand connect together with the left-hand
Step3: When you inhale count slowly from 1 to 10
Step4: When you exhale count slowly from 1 to 10

In this technique both inhale and exhale process was done through the nose

3. Alternate Nostril Breathing

It is a popular yoga technique, known as Nadi Shodhana Pranayama. You can feel the changes when you practice it daily.

Step1: Sit straightly in the chair or on the floor
Step2: Place your left hand on the left knee
Step3: Close your right nostril using your right thumb
Step4: Inhale slowly through your left nostril count 1-10
Step5: Hold your breath
Step6: Close your left nostril using your left thumb
Step7: Exhale slowly through your right nostril count 1-10

4. Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the Chinese traditional martial art technique which plays an efficient role in handling the stress level, by flushing out all the negative energy from your mind and body.

5. Pilates

Pilates is a technique that is a combination of 2 art forms combined together to practice for stress and anxiety and it helps a lot during the second world war to recover fast. It is a combination of Western exercise and eastern yoga therapy and Meditation. Choose your best trainer where you can find a rehabilitation center in NYC then practice it daily to feel the changes.

6. Kickboxing

It is a great workout to deal with stress, your confidence level, your energy is increased and helps you to be more proactive and lowers your stress level.

7. Running

Jogging, running or walking is the best form of exercise to regulate your body weight and promotes your blood circulation. Whenever you feel like more stress try to indulge in any form of physical exercise, it is the best way to deal with that.

8. Team Sports

Try to sweat, shout and run this to lower the segregation of stress level hormones, helps to enhance your metabolism and you will feel good. Proactively participate in team sports like cricket, football, baseball, basketball and etc.

9. Cycling

Cycling is a great cardio exercise and strengthens your leg muscles. If you are feeling stressed just start peddling your bicycle you will feel calmer & relaxed

10. Zumba

It is an amazing dance form, it is an aerobic exercise good for cardio helps to sweat a lot, increases your blood circulation and lung function. After your session, you will feel more relaxed and energized.

When you often feel stressed out try to indulge in any kind of these activities in the phoenix rehab center, they will guide you in an efficient way to handle pressure and stress. Start practicing any of the above-mentioned exercises, just for 20 minutes you will automatically note the changes in a few days.
Happy Living! Stay Healthy!

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