Daily Kitchen Cleaning : 7 Steps To Do It Methodologically


Kitchens and bathrooms are much-needed parts in every home. Even a small studio don’t miss these two, a small but properly walled bathroom and a corner is essentially allocated for cooking tasks. Whereas a kitchen is not less than a heart of the home, in the case of standard family homes. Nowadays families are using their open cooking areas not only to prepare food but also for family sitting and gathering after a long tiring day and a holiday brunch spot on weekend. Due to this extensive daily use, it gets dirty fast as compared to other parts of the home. In addition to daily wiping and dusting of appliances and surfaces, periodic deep kitchen cleaning and decluttering should be scheduled once or twice in a year. This is a time taking process which may take even a whole day. Although detail cleaning is a good practice we should follow it keep pantry germ free, daily maintenance is equally necessary.

Here I am sharing few simple steps to guide you to do this task methodologically in a most organised way without being overtired.

Step1-Clear the counters on a priority basis, if items belong to kitchen wipe them and restore back to their place. If irrelevant, put them back in the relevant space. We often stack bills, mail and cookbooks over microwaves, which is not the right place to store them.

Step2- Start dusting the high zones first. Start brushing off the dirt and debris on the floor. A telescoping duster makes this task easier with its adjustments. You don’t need to step up and down to reach the heightened areas. Work around the room, don’t forget to sweep the top of the refrigerator and empty space over the corner cabinet.

Step3-Collect all the items that need soaking in hot soapy water for better cleaning. Fill the sink bowl with warm water and add dishwashing liquid. Soak everything from dish rack, microwave turntable and crisper drawer.

Step4-Also load the dishwasher with utensils and cooking pots, pans, dishes, plates, spoons and glasses. Switch it on and let it work. If you prefer hand washing, empty that sink first and wash and dry the items you already soaked there. Refill it with water and soak all the used dishes.

Step5- Every modern cooking area possesses microwave in addition to a normal gas stove and gas cooking range. Both of them are daily used to cook and heat the food. As they are among the most widely used appliances, you can’t ignore them for a single day. Shipshape the interiors with a dry piece of cloth first to remove dried food particles. After that wipe, it dampens towel. You may also spray multipurpose liquid to remove grease. In order to clean stovetop, remove the grills and mop it with dry cloth followed by the multipurpose spray. Leave it for few minutes and swab with a neat duster.

Step6-After stoves and appliances, next task involves countertops and cabinets. The Same rule of thumb is followed here. First dusting with a rag followed a wet wipe with a suitable soap. You can also use a sponge to avoid scratches. Try to reorganise the drawers and cabinets on weekly basis to avoid over cluttering.

Step7- Last step is sweeping the floor with a normal broom or electrostatic duster. Pull out the large appliance and objects to reach every corner. Empty the trash and replace the shopper. End process with mopping the floor. Dump dirty water at toilets and outside drains.

Organising daily kitchen cleaning tasks methodologically not only keep it neat for longer, but also reduce the burden of detail cleaning.

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