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OVN is a manufacturer of the complete generator 400 kva designed at ISO 9001 certified facility. The 400 kva generator in Delhi and a variety of digital management panels, mix simple menu navigation with advanced metering and protection technology can be availed from OVN. They are employed in automatic mains failure applications in conjunction with transfer panels. Their PowerWizard permits you to watch and management your generator set with ease while making certain your unit operations at safe intervals and parameters and provides vital diagnostic info once required.

Forged steel rotating shaft created in a very single piece, and plate created out of high-quality alloy solid iron, foreign block rough solid options with smaller in size, lighter in weight, less vibration, lower noise and better reliability; and featured with the low fuel consumption; lower emission, robust power, and therefore the overall amount is quite 12000 hours.

OVN’s 400 kva generator in Delhi, gas generators, water pump units, light towers, diesel engines, and spare elements, all provides the variability models generator adopt the far-famed whole engine like Ricardo, Deutz, Steyr,weichai,yuchai, Honda etc, alternators we have a tendency to adopt the highest whole like Stamford, marathon, Faraday etc.Our generators together with silent generators, open generators, ats generators, trailer generators etc. Reliable quality and competitive costs allow us to get smart feedback from our shoppers.

  1. Make the skilled power arrange project plan for our shopper depends on the year’s expertise.

  1. Maintenance generators or engines /alternators.

  1. Supply generator 400 kva, natural gas generators, gasonline generators, lightweight towers, diesel engines, alternators, or spare elements.

  1. Free technical support all the time.

  1. Fix generators, engines, alternators etc.

  1. Offer power from 5kva to 1500kva with particular models.

  1. Single Window Sales & Service through 3S Composite Dealers.

  1. Mill designed 400 kva generators in Delhi with a single level of Quality.

  1. Full Compliance to ISO 8528 standards & CPCB-II pointers of emission & noise

  1. Best TCO (Total price Of Ownership) thence economical in initial & running price

  1. Superior aesthetics enclosures designed to fulfill fifty degrees close

  1. 5 years extended warranty program

The OVN 400 kva generator in Delhi has taken a significant success with simple installation, high performance, and maintenance efficiencies and reduced noise. OVN moveable and stationary generator 400 kva are designed to be affected frequently. Whether or not that be a couple of meters or many kilometers, you’ll be assured of their simple, safe movement capabilities and secure performance, even within the toughest conditions. This makes the OVN excellent for real-time applications and serious duty construction use. OVN instrumentality has specialized computer code and engineers obtainable to develop your FREE power set up. OVN instrumentality conjointly offers numerous mine specification diesel generators together with MDG15 in NSW.

You will tack together your 400 kva generator Delhi with a large variety of helpful choices. This includes:

  • Noise levels

  • Angle shaft or tractor trailer

  • 2 wire remote begin panel with charger

  • External emergency e-stop fitted, lockable batt isolator fitted

  • Lockable starter isolated fitted, jump begin receptacle

  • Earth stake

  • Self-bundled fuel tanks are easily obtainable.

So, getting a 400 KVA generator from OVN can be a wise decision.

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