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If you want to do research based on any discipline, the main required determinant for it is adequate funds. Individually, you can get the opportunity to get secured funding for enablement of the factors that can carry out these research projects. The aim is to start measuring the effects of various necessary factors like collaboration in science, production, etc. on the allocated funding amount.

Before industrialization, the strong nation was chosen based on the measuring counts of its natural resources reservoirs. Like funding the research, human resource is also one of the important of aspect of capitalization and is essential in building scientific development. The innovative knowledge is striving as a new basis for competing for capital. The increment in production knowledge should be driven by estimation of the outcome of research. Without funding, the research activities can stop. Through it, one can define the prioritization of the projects in a new fashion. There can be an effect on the relationship between science experts and researchers based on the performance of funds and investment strategies. Additionally, this can also have an influence on the size and efficiency of the research sector.

Impact of Funding on Research and its collaboration

There can be good scientific productivity based on funding if a proper selection of well-defined projects or high resourceful group. The ideas can be the novelty of support, and their target will be to work on the structural changes and to expand the network of science-based collaboration. A lot of funding has had an impact on the production and performance of the researchers as per the criteria of quality and quantity at different levels. Impact of funding can also be assessed on the rate of collaboration and formation among the fellow researchers. As per the study, there is as no such knowledge that can lead to the exploration of the factors that can make a difference in the amount of funds that a researcher gets.

Researchers might get benefits which in turn can help the community of science like:

  • Using an effective strategy of allocation of funds as every year government provides a provision for funding of research. The funding policy of allocation can show the insight after getting light from the proposal of evaluation. Try identifying the impactful factors that can help in decision role play of the committee that passes the order for the fund allocation for a specific researcher. If they pay more attention to all these influential factors, researchers can help themselves in the future by securing more funds for conducting research.

  • By following sociology of making rich richer where researchers get benefits when the funds for research gets allocated thus in future it opens doors for advantages of other researchers.

The social factor also plays a significant role in driving the success of funding of research. Therefore, the analyzation not only covers the assessment of various scientific research factors but also analyze the impact which researchers are building through collaboration as per the level of funding pattern.

Identifying the high-profile researcher

You should also consider the prudent reality of debt while funding as this is the most dependent variable. It analyzes the systematic pattern of productive funds that one gets through various scientific outcomes. There are still many gaps in the statistical analyzation of the factors which helps in determining the allocation of funds. They will get addressed through techniques based on an extensively built and recorded dataset.A high-profile researcher will get identified and thereby it will shed lights on how a researcher can obtain more funds. The follow up of empirical results are very important and depending on that results and methodology can be interpreted.

The allocated methodology of funding for research

In most cases, we can see that the team of researchers are more likely susceptible to receive funds than an individual researcher. That happens because of the limitation of financial sources. Now the scenario is that due to this allocation, all the researchers might not be able to get funds for their analysis. It led to the formation of pool allocation of funds, and thus a forced collaboration of researcher takes place. Through this collaboration, they might able to get the funds which they did not get earlier, and they can save this amount for the respective analyzation.

In the modern scientific world, the superficial knowledge of interdisciplinary is complementary yet essential. It’s imperative that the collaborator should be right as it is very critical for the success of the research and if the network is growing with the right people in it, then the effect of it on the careers can be significant. Therefore, there is a high anticipation of the collaboration network that the collaborator selection should be right and their pattern of positions should influence inside the network. It is the question of getting future research fund permission.

Many committee members for a thorough analyzation of the scientific collaboration, employs a tool that analyzes the network socially. To measure the structural property of the network, they have the idea where researcher cooperatively authorized in the network of collaboration.

It’s not fixed how long this collaboration among the researchers of different disciplines stands though an arbitrary number has been suggested ranging from 3 to 5 years. During this period, robust and significant results are obtained.

Descriptive Analysis of Results

Before combining the statistically analyzed results into one consolidated result, some trends of funding provided to researchers can be used as an indicator to understand the time interval variation levels.


The conclusive analyzation of various significant factors of distinct types impacts the funding received by researchers. Through social network analyzation, the assessment of some selected factors has influenced the funding at both the micro level and macro level. The comprehensive study of variables of network structure considers the several elements and then analyzes the impact on the financing of researchers at the individual level. The role of collaboration plays an influential role in settling the funds for researchers.

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