Amazing Real-Time Mobile Data Statistics From Coupon Machine.

Trying to figure out where you should advertise your business or your products or services on social media platforms can be an intimidating and very overwhelming process. It seems like every day a there’s a new app coming out that people start using while the others that were previously all the rage are suddenly rendered obsolete. On Monday, everyone you know and their neighbors are on Facebook sharing their statuses, writing on each other’s walls, scrolling through their friends’ timelines, and sending each other private messages. Then by Friday, everyone has moved on to interacting with Twitter to chat with friends and get their news, then by Monday Twitter has been overtaken by the overwhelming success of Snapchat. In fact, over 350,000 new mobile apps have been built in the last 36 months alone. So, trying to figure out where you should focus you or your business’s advertising efforts on social media platforms can be an extremely intimidating proposition.

Mobile technology for consumers has been improving at an exponential rate since the first mobile telephone was developed. Cell phones started off as a luxury item that was the size of a brick owned only by the few people wealthy enough to afford them in the 1980s and 1990s. Then the 2000s rolled around and devices became more and more affordable for and accessible to your average consumer. Since then, mobile device usage has skyrocketed; current statistics show that there are over 4 billion mobile users worldwide as of 2016. These usage increase statistics are not slowing down, and in fact they continue to rise at a nearly astronomical rate! In fact, mobile traffic now makes up 51% of all internet traffic across the globe. So, figuring out how to properly implement your business or product advertising strategy on the most popular mobile platforms could be the deciding factor that brings your business’s success to the next level.

Coupon Machine, one of the best online coupon website recently built a real-time mobile data statistics. This Infographics show how online users are spending their time and directing their internet traffic. This real time Infographics collects raw internet traffic statistics and provides its users with analytics to reflect average day-to-day usage numbers by mobile users. Raw information collected includes the number of tweets sent from mobile devices, the number of users accessing Facebook on mobile devices, how many Instagram pictures are uploaded worldwide from devices, how many Snapchat photos have been sent, how many pins users have sent each other on Pinterest, how many active users are being viewed on LinkedIn, and even more.

Access to these analytics can help all business owners figure out where to direct any advertising efforts and look for new e-commerce opportunities. The numbers provided by Coupon Machine can provide business owners and advertisers with a clear picture of what sites online users are directing their traffic to and how to use that information to create a clear e-commerce strategy at a time when it’s never been more important to have one. Whether you’re building a new strategy or need to adapt on the fly, these are numbers that are invaluable to any business’s online strategy. Using Coupon Machine and its constantly updating statistics is a surefire way to make sure your business doesn’t get left behind in the fast-paced and constantly changing world of e-commerce.

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