7 Reasons Music Therapy is a Hit in Common Illnesses


Music has a very important role in the lives of people. Normally, it enhances the emotions that you have at the moment. Happy songs make you remember all the good things in the past that are associated with the music you are hearing. It brings you smiles, it makes you cry and it even provides relaxation. This is the reason why music has already been considered for the therapeutic benefits it provides.

There have been a lot of studies showing the positive effects of music. It is also shown that music therapy can be used for common illnesses. Here are some reasons why:

It elevates mood

One of the most important benefits you will get from music is the positive effect on your overall well-being. It can help improve your emotions. It is amazing how playing a musical instrument or just simply listening to music can help you feel happy. Just choose a perfect playlist and you will feel relaxed. Music is something that you can integrate into your daily life and you will surely see all of its positive effects.

It eases pain

There have been different studies that are focused on the effects of music on the recovery of people who have just undergone surgery. It was concluded that those who have been listening to music have experienced lesser pain compared to those who don’t. The inclusion of music as part of the therapy after surgery guaranteed satisfaction and relaxation to the patients.

Music improves immune system

Most parents would love to integrate music lessons to their children’s everyday activities because of its positive effects. But did you know that aside from the emotional benefits you can get from music, it can also help in the improvement of your immune system? Studies have shown the correlation between music and a healthier body and system. It has been shown by researchers that music can boost your immune system and fight diseases. This is made possible because of the ability of music to eliminate stress. Another explanation provided by a researcher focuses on the effect of your singing to the immune system. As you sing, you are also helping in the improvement of your overall health.

Music helps us exercise

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There are specific exercises like aerobics where music can serve as a booster. Listening to music while you are exercising can improve your mental and physical stimulation. This will then result in a better overall performance. If you feel like you do not have the drive to exercise and do something worthwhile today, you can listen to music. This will give you the boost you need to get up and continue with your workout routine.

Music helps you relax

The connection between music and the emotions has already been established long ago. The most common benefit that you will certainly get from music is relaxation. There are different explanations about how this is made possible. Music has a tremendously relaxing effect on the mind and body. Classical music is one of the types that are known to be very effective in achieving this goal. If you are feeling lonely or you are experiencing anxiety, you can just listen to the right music and you will certainly feel relaxed after a while.

It reduces stress

There is a certain type of music that can help you reduce stress. You can choose to listen to music that has a low pitch and low tempo. For some, they find instrumental music or those that do not have lyrics to be soothing. Whenever you feel like your workload and other responsibilities in life are already causing so much stress, you can listen to music and you will surely feel better. It doesn’t matter if you are healthy or you are undergoing a medical procedure, music will surely help you reduce stress.

Music helps to meditate

Meditation is a very helpful activity because it can eliminate stress and it also helps you sleep better and staying focused. This is the common goal of music and meditation. This is the reason why you can integrate music for better meditation. There is specific music that is made for meditation. Just choose the perfect one for you and you will be able to achieve your goal in strengthening your emotion and even your immune system through meditation.

Music is a very important element of art and it helps us go through our most difficult days. With all its benefits, why don’t you think of getting to the next level of musical appreciation? Instead of being the listener for the rest of your life, you can learn music lessons and play an instrument. There are more benefits that you will be able to enjoy if you are the one playing an instrument or singing. Life is short, enjoy the music!

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Curtis Dean writes on behalf of Sage Music School where they base lessons on the science and research of the psychology of learning. Their effective teaching methods create confident and capable students who enjoy the happiness of making music.

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