7 Most Famous Historical Places in Asia

Historical Places

  1. Thailand : Koh Ang Tong (natural site).

Here is one of the natural sites of Thailand unsung. Koh Ang Thong is a marine park located in the Gulf of Thailand not very far from the island of Koh Samui. It is a set of 42 small islands, most of which are uninhabited. On the main island there is a beautiful beach lined with coconut trees, a winding road leading to a magnificent panorama on the whole of the site and another path dug in a cliff and which gives on a crater of freshwater.

  1. Cambodia: Angkor (historical site)

I think that this is not the penalty introduce the site of Angkor, this old capital of the Khmer empire, with its imposing monuments and its famous tours faces. The site is huge, and we must take several days to see in a whole between the main temples Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat and the other temples lost in the Jungle as the Preah Kahn, the Neak Pean, the Banteay Srei, the Phnom Kulen and even further the temples of Banteay Chmar and even that of the Preha Vihar. The site is classified with the World Heritage.

  1. Laos: Luang Prabang (historic site)

C is the ancient cultural capital of Laos. A small town quiet well along the Mekong River with its treasures as of old colonial houses, beautiful temples, waterfalls and caves dotted with Buddhas. I hesitated for a long time between this site and the site of Vang Vien, but I learned that the latter had become the paradise for young revelers who come there for dancing, drinking and smoking while the site so beautiful calls for meditation. The city of Luang Prabang and its surroundings are classified in the world heritage.

  1. Sri Lanka: Dambulla (historic site)

The island of Ceylon has several remarkable sites but the one that has me the most marked is the site of Dambulla with its magnificent sacred caves belonging to the complex of the Golden Temple. The Caves are located behind a modern building surmounted of a golden Buddha. But the highlight of the show is located in the caves at the rear of the temple. It is a Buddhist site vase probably dates from the 1st century and account 5 sanctuaries containing 157 statues and 153 images of Buddha. The paintings are beautiful colors. The site is classified with the World Heritage.

  1. Vietnam: The Bay Of along (natural site)

C is the mythical site of Vietnam. There are two arrays of along. The first along the sea is dotted with rocky islets and there is a ride in a boat in a veritable labyrinth between sea and rock. The second is in the lands and y ride in a boat on a small river between rice paddies and rock pitons. The site is classified with the World Heritage.

  1. Indonesia: Tanah Lot (Historic site and natural)

This is no longer the most impressive site of the island of Bali in Indonesia but it is probably one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Since a small cliff we have a magnificent view on the ocean with in the first plan a small rocky island surmounted of a temple. It must make abstraction of the market to a tourist just before returning on the site and then contemplate the sun which is Layer on the sea.

  1. India: the city and the Fort of Jodhpur (site history)

This city of the desert of Rajasthan has historical monuments and Forts which dominates the entire city, the Fort of Mehrangarh. It dominates in its 122 meters the city of which the vast majority of the houses are painted in blue. Jodhpur is the beautiful place which is also famous as Blue City of India. The fort houses behind its formidable walls several magnificent palaces in their external decorations but also internal with beautiful lace of Pierre and paints. Yes for me this site is much more impressive than the Taj Mahal.

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