7 Most Effective And Right Ways To Gain Weight

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Nowadays, while some people are working hard for losing weight, there are many people that are wondering how to gain some weight. Both are equally difficult without right directions and very easy if you adapt right methods. We have seen a lot of people that are skinny as hell, and they do not shy to have lots of food, but could not able to gain enough weight and toned body. There are number of reasons behind this. Some are not eating healthy calories and some are not adapting right workout routine. Both things are equally important, the diet as well as exercise. You cannot reply on just one thing!

If you are skinny and want to gain weight, then I have highlighted some of the best ways to gain weight for men.

  1. Focus on healthy weight gain

When you are focusing on gradual weight gain, you need to have more knowledge about the calories nature. If you increase your calories up to 500 per day, it will result into increase in weight gain of 0.5 kg per week. You should focus on restoring an ideal weight according to your age, height and gender. In order to rebuild the body tissues, you have to focus on maintaining a good nutritional status and ideal body weight.

  1. Workout for lean mass

In order to put on some lean mass, it is very important for any skinny individual to focus on some heavy weight lifts. The basic workout routine should have the following exercises:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Presses
  • Pull-ups
  • Rows
  • Dips
  • Snatches
  • Power cleans
  1. Workout for beginners
  • Squats (5×5), pull-ups 5xFailure (if failure is reaching more than 12 rep, then add weight), overhead press (5×5).
  • Squats (5×5), deadlift 1/2/3×5), bench press (5×5)
  • Squats (5×5), pull-ups (5xFailure), Overhead press (5×5)

Keep doing these workouts in sequence in a week. If you are feeling some progress in your body, then you also add more weights and some exercise to this workout routine.

  1. Healthy weight gain diet

Diet plays very crucial role in weight gain. Even if you are adding dietary supplements or steroids, you still need to focus on more balanced diets. Even if you are buying complicated injectable steroid cycles for sale from multiple online pharmacies, you have to focus on consuming right diet.

Add some roasted channa to your daily diet. They are healthy for heart and quite tasty. You can also go for evening snacks like multi- grain bread, peanut butter, soy sticks with hummus, salsa dips and chutneys.
For skinny persons, it is very important to build an appetite. Avoid drinking water before and in-between the meals because this will kill your hunger. Taking apetite stimulants like apetamin syrup helps.

  1. Eat less

If you like to eat in between your meals, then skip this idea. You should have only need to have three large or six small meals per day. Eating less does not mean that you are eating less healthy. Try to have nutritious food and starchy food items like potatoes. Junk food will also help you to gain unhealthy fat and that cannot give you a leaned body. The consequences of eating junk food for a skinny person as well as over-weighted person are same.

  1. Adapt right ways

Always stick to indulge right ways in your lifestyle and eating habits. Many people will advise you to have cakes and deserts high in sugar, but this will only help you to gain visceral fat. This will make you a fat skinny which means you are skinny but you have fat accumulated in wrong organs.

  1. Protein! Protein! Protein!

Protein is important for both, the person who wants to lose weight and who wants to gain weight. But, always remember to not to exceed the protein intake than 1g/1b of body weight especially in the case when you are aiming to gain long-term muscles. When you focus on workout, your body starves protein. To increase your protein consumption, you should add homemade shakes, vegetables like spinach, broccoli and foods items like Tofu and cottage cheese.

The bottom line…

Weight gain is not much difficult if you will follow the ways that are mentioned above. You need to create a balance between diet and workout. Eating healthy and working hard is the only formula to achieve desired fitness goals. Make Sure you are following right ways!

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