6 Simple Techniques to Calm a Crying Baby

Babies start crying for all kinds of reasons. Often it’s easy to calm them down: all you need is food, a burp, a change of diaper, a soothing voice, or a gentle touch. But then there are moments when your baby cries due to a bout of colic, and may seem inconsolable no matter what you do.

These are 6 ways you can calm a fussy, crying baby.

1. Swaddle up Your Baby

Swaddling your baby in the receiving blanket keeps your little bundle feeling warm and safe. Experts agree that swaddling soothes babies because it produces a womb-like sensation. Many parents find that swaddling keeps their babies calmer and helps them sleep longer.

Some babies like to keep their arms out of the swaddle, either because they suck their fingers or because they like their freedom. You can easily keep their arms out of the swaddle by positioning them at the armpit level with the top edge of the blanket instead at the chin level.

2. Let Your Baby Suck Their Fingers

Babies also soothe themselves with non-nutritive sucking, which does not fill their tummies, but calms their nerves. If your child is crying, help them find their thumb, fist, or finger, or just give them one of your fingers for a stint. Ensure to clean your baby’s and your finger properly with natural baby wipes.

Binkies or pacifiers may also do the trick, but you may want to suggest waiting until breastfeeding has been properly implemented.

3. Carry Your Baby and Walk Around

Carrying your baby and walking around is the perfect way to soothe them. Babies love the feeling of closeness and the pace of your movements. The carrier is also handy since your hands are free for multitasking. Make your baby face your body in a front pack carrier or sling for the first three months when it needs extra head support.

You can also use a special sling useful for on-the-go breastfeeding, which can turn to the side or back as your baby gets older. If your child balks at being in a sling or front carrier initially, don’t give up completely. Babies also come to love being carried around like this.

4. Rock the Baby

Rocking a baby in a rocking chair is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and time-honored traditions in life. Modern parenting also provides several hands-free rocking options.

For instance, when your child is crying, consider placing them in an electric baby swing, a vibrating bouncy seat, or an automatic cradle. Be sure to follow the safety guidelines of the manufacturer regarding age and weight requirements for these products.

But try not to let your child get into the habit of sleeping in them, because they may become dependent on the motion to fall asleep over time. Instead, let them get to the verge of sleep, and move them to the crib.

5. Soothe with White Noise

Some babies settle down to the rhythmic whooshing sounds that remind them of the womb. See turning on a vacuum cleaner, a hairdryer, or a fan may help to block the unwanted noises that might disturb your baby while they’re trying to calm down.

6. Try the “Colic Carry”

Sometimes when your child cries inconsolably, all they want is some pressure on the stomach or what is known as “colic carry” to help alleviate gas and colic:

  • Place your baby on your chest, cradling its head in your palm. Use your other palm to support and massage its back.
  • Place it across your lap, with one knee in the belly and the other supporting its head.
  • Keep the baby straight, with its abdomen on your shoulder.
  • Lay your baby on its back and lift their knees to the tummy for 10 seconds, then release and repeat for relieving the gas. Sometimes gas and colic can cause the baby to poop unexpectedly, so use biodegradable diapers for comfort.


Crying can be stressful for both the baby and the parents. There are a few ways you can try to console a crying baby. It could take a few attempts, but with persistence and practice, you will figure out what works and what doesn’t for your baby.

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