5 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation While Hardly Spending a Dime

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Remember when you were a school/college going kid and used to wait eagerly for the summer holidays? But then you grew up and joined a 9-to-5 job. As a working adult you can’t stay up late playing card games with neighbors, spend the whole day playing Counter Strike, camp at Mcleodganj or go paragliding at Bir Billing. But can you recall the last time you actually did any of these!
You might have recently taken a day off or gone for a team outing but it was most probably to perform some chores or to run errands. This summer, carve out some time to revive your childhood memories. Utilize your time off better by listening to the kid in you.

We have compiled a list of suggestions to help you plan your holidays better.

Revive your Inner Kid
You might be a fully grown adult but this summer channel the child in you, borrow a football from the 13-year old next door, call up your friends and have a blast. Avoid talking about any responsibilities or upcoming errands and just try to revive your childhood days. Or plan a picnic to the local park and call up your cousins to engage in a game of cricket.
If you are a ‘dog person’ engage your pet in a game of soccer or play with a Frisbee. Raid your house for the long-forgotten set of board games you owned, join in for a game of Monopoly, the Game of Life, chess or carom.

Explore Something New

Utilize your summer vacation to learn new skills. You can achieve this both by attending summer classes or camps arranged in your locality or online in the comfort of your air-conditioned room. Have fun while mastering something new.
Learn a new art form or a new language, brush up your cooking skills or join a book club. Utilize online platforms to conduct self-study for free. Take a dance class, enroll in rowing classes, learn swimming or teach yourself to write with your other hand.

Travel to Distant Places

The perfect way to spend your summer holiday is to plan a getaway to the nearest natural attraction. Tour unexplored Indian terrains like Spiti, Bir Billing, Mcleodganj, Lansdowne, Kausani, Chail, Tawang, Horsley Hills, Kotagiri, Kadmat Island or Dandeli.
Or if your budget permits, consider overseas trips or avail cruise vacation packages. While this a costly option, You can also go with other options like Personal Loan for travel offered by NBFCs to fund your holiday plans. It enables you to borrow as per your needs.

Re-discover your Town

When you stay at one place long enough, there is usually a routine that is followed, ironically shutting you out of the place’s eccentricities. Explore your city like a tourist who’s visiting for the first time. Take a weekend trip to explore the famous locales, enroll for conducted tours or explore the city by yourself.
Explore the nearby museums, art galleries, outdoor collection parks or special summer events like a sale, parties, special screenings, concerts or fairs organized in the town. You can also design a customized tour to explore activities you enjoy, for instance, arrange a food trail to pay a visit to the famous eateries in town or arrange a trail to explore nightlife your city has to offer.

Binge Watch your Favourite Movies or Shows

If you are planning to shield yourself from the unfavourable weather outside, and spend your holidays indoors, utilize this time to catch up on your favorite series or re-watch your favourite movies.
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Call up your friends and plan a marathon of the shows you always planned to catch up on. Binge watch new shows and movies with your loved ones for an entertaining and relaxing summer.
Use the above list as a starting point to plan your own vacation. The only rule is to have boundless fun, something the inner kid in you would be proud of.

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