5 Key Steps for Realtors Selling a Home, and What to Avoid

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The real estate market is lucrative but can be unpredictable, especially when there is an oversupply of properties. If you’re a realtor with several listings that have taken weeks or months without selling, your sellers are likely to start calling you asking about the progress. Below are tips to make your listings stand out amid the uncertainties in the market.

Stage the Home Properly to Attract Buyers

Staging a home means creating a strong visual appeal for potential buyers. Remember, the image that potential buyers see first is what sticks in their minds. That image determines whether they will proceed to ask about the property details or not.

To lure more potential buyers, you should keep the home decluttered and classic. Consider cleaning, de-personalizing, and patching up the entire house; it is the easiest way to make an excellent first impression. In addition, it will make your prospects start imagining themselves living in it when they visit to view.

Use a Professional Photographer

After staging your home properly, you have to ensure your listing gets noticed. Most home hunters start their search online, and that’s why your listing should reel them in at first glance if you want to sell fast. Although people read content about homes listed for sale, most of them constantly yearn to see photos to determine whether they wish to reside in the said home.

High-quality images not only connect with prospective buyers but also tell the story through imagery. It doesn’t matter whether you will share the photos online or in a local newspaper; it’s only clear and attractive photos that will draw the reader’s attention. The photos increase the number of engagements, which is a good step toward converting the leads to sales.

Spread the Word About the Listing Through Social Media

Advertising on social media is one of the fastest ways to reach your prospects. Nearly every person engages on social media for fun and business. So if you get people near you to like and subscribe to your social media pages, their attention will be drawn to the homes you market through those platforms.

If you’re not using social media to advertise your homes, you need to start ASAP. It comes with many opportunities and requires little or no money to do so. All you need is an internet connection, consistency, and the right skills. Below are some tips you should implement for successful social media marketing;

  • Use high-quality photos and short videos.
  • Utilize Facebook ads to direct traffic to your listing.
  • Post your images on Pinterest.
  • Drive your home’s awareness through Instagram ads.
  • Create engaging and optimized content for your pages.

Use Postcards for Potential Leads

Competition for clients can be very high sometimes. To stand out, you must be aggressive in interacting with your prospects. Real estate direct mail marketing helps you engage with people who may not be willing to buy now but intend to purchase a property in the future.

Direct mail marketing helps you spread the word about your listing through postcards. When you engage a potential customer, you can win their loyalty by educating them about homes currently listed and (most importantly) the final sale price.

Once the Home Is Sold, Appreciate Your Clients

It is essential to show your clients that you care. Customer appreciation speaks a lot about your brand. A simple “Thank You” message to your customers will not only impress them but will compel them to review your brand positively.

Most people may not know that thank-you notes generate a lot of leads. However, it matters how you write and present your note. In case you do not know how to go about it, this is it;

A note with the above three points will leave your customers smiling. Some will even respond to your note happily. When you get here, you can rest assured they would look for you anytime and recommend you in their circles.

Some Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Home

When a seller entrusts you with selling their home, they expect you to sell it the soonest possible. Although the above pointers are meant to help you sell the home quickly, some simple mistakes can derail the process. Below are mistakes you must avoid when listing a seller’s home.

Incorrect Pricing

A seller may not know the worth of their home, and this is where your know-how comes into play. You should utilize your training, experience, comparable sales, and market knowledge to pricing a home. You have to be firm and avoid pleasing a seller with unrealistic figures, or else the property will take forever to find a buyer.


You have to enlighten your sellers on the shortcomings of pricing homes too high. Most buyers can tell an overpriced home and will likely avoid such a property. But, unfortunately, if the house takes too long to sell, it might get a bad reputation, which might affect its sale even when you later reduce the price.

Skipping Inspections

A home inspection is necessary to unearth any faults in the property. Advise your client to engage professionals for a thorough inspection. If they find any faults, it will be best to rectify them to enhance the home’s value.

Failure to fix structural or mechanical issues may see you lose several buyers. Again, even if someone were to buy, they would deduct the cost of repairing the home. Depending on the nature of the faults and your financial capacity, you can decide to;

  • Fix the issues
  • Price the property below the market value
  • Offer the buyer a credit to do the repairs


Selling a home can be stressful and could bring unnecessary anxiety. The worst happens when you have clients pushing you to sell their homes quickly. The above ideas will help you prepare adequately and connect your sellers with their buyers within the shortest time.

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