5 days trip to Dubai, UAE & Explore Its Beautiful Sightings


A flashy, dazzling, and wealthy people’s shopping capital, Dubai is much more than what we think about it. Although the first thing to strike our mind when we talk about this fabled city is the tallest, biggest and all the superlative structures this city has, but trust us Dubai has more to explore. From the unseen passages to old-fashioned marketplaces, the amazing cities of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, to the glorious deserts and sandy beaches, you will come to know that even 5 days are not enough to completely explore one of the biggest Middle Eastern city.

But before we proceed with our informative article, we want to highlight some important cultural and religious points which are needed to be followed all the time. UAE is a Muslim country and it follows Islamic laws. You need to be careful when conducting yourself in any city in Emirates.

Dress code: Although some areas in Dubai are quite open-minded regarding your dressing, you should always cover your shoulders and knees when visiting more conservative cities of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

The month of Ramadan: During the Holy month of Ramadan, be sure not to drink, chew, eat, or even smoke in public at daytime. If this is not suitable for you, try not to visit Dubai or any other city in this month.

Drink and drive: You can end up serving a jail time if the local police found a small percentage of alcohol in your system.

Affection: It is completely unlawful to hug, kiss, or even show intimacy in Public.

Items to avoid bringing in Dubai: Don’t bring firearms, pornographic material, or drugs in Dubai.

Having discussed all that, we can now proceed to our itinerary. So here it goes:

1st Day:

As soon as you land in Dubai, you can head straight to your hotel for some refreshment. We would recommend you to reach Dubai in the early hours of the morning as there will be plenty of time to rest and relax.

After some sleep, you can enjoy breakfast before heading on a sightseeing tour for your Dubai’s first adventure. Your first destination should be the undisputed tallest man-made structure on this planet, The Burj Khalifa.

You can enjoy the fastest elevator ride to the top floor and look beneath the entire Dubai city from its observation deck. The view will take some time to absorb, as it is truly magnificent. You can dine in the restaurant for some lunch.

Your evening should take you to the famous fountain show, just across Burj Khalifa. The show is full of lights and water display, and you will surely be amazed at the unique sights. Afterward, attend any party or a nightclub to sink all the awesomeness of your first day in the desert city. Or you can head back to your hotel to prepare for the second day.

2nd Day:

Enjoy your second day by visiting the Palm Island and Marina. Remember when we said that Dubai & UAE have the superlative of everything, we meant it. Palm and Marina are made one the biggest artificial island in the world. It is so big that there are multiple hotels and restaurants, along with resorts and waterpark on it.

This place also offers some extreme sports in the form of skydiving to all its visitors. All the professionals involved are experts and you are completely in safe hands. So enjoy the taste of adrenaline when you launch yourself above the clouds, into the Dubai sky.

3rd Day:

Leave early in the morning for Abu Dhabi and visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque. This magnificent mosque is one of the biggest in the world. Make sure you cover yourself from shoulders to toes before you enter this mosque.

Afterward, visit Ferrari World to see some of the Ferrari’s supercars, Formula 1 cars and hottest rides in the amusement park. We challenge you to ride the world’s fastest roller coaster to re-taste the adrenaline you had one day before from Skydive Dubai.

You can then visit Yas Marina Bay circuit, and if you are in time for some racing, feast your eyes and ears with some of the best drivers and fastest Formula cars in the world.

Try to return to Dubai at the same night.

4th Day:

Your fourth day should take you to Dubai Mall, which also happens to be the biggest shopping in the world. It has more than 1200 shops, retail stores, brands and fine dining restaurants. Shop your gifts and souvenirs but track your time as there is a lot much to do.

After some hours of shopping, you can head to the crazy huge aquarium, which is home to sharks, rays, crocodile, and other 140 species of marine wildlife. You can also visit and enjoy skating in the ice rink, and skiing in the world’s biggest indoor skiing resort, with multiple slopes.

End this day by attending any party, or enjoying unique shisha experience at any local café, or club.

5th Day:

You can leave early in the morning on the fifth day for desert jeep safari. This trip will take you to some extreme sand dune desert driving and safari camel rides. You can also enjoy watching wildlife in the Arabian Desert. Enjoy the sunset over the sand dunes, and take some snaps to flood your social media accounts later.

You can either catch the late night or early morning flight back to your home city or wait until the next day so that you can enjoy some beach time and Burj Al Arab sight. We recommend you to do the later as you should not miss anything when visiting this Gulf Emirate. Five days are surely not enough to visit Dubai completely, and we recommend you to make the most of it by carefully planning your insertion and outbound flight.

The last thing, yet the most important is to find the most suitable flight from your hometown to Dubai. By looking at a travel aggregator sight, you can find different flights to Dubai, with different rates and flight routes. Choose the one that is most suitable for you. Dubai International Airport never closes, so you can choose to fly anytime.

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