10 Educational Benefits of Playing Escape Room Games For Kids


If your child is lethargic and lacking interest in everyday activities after returning from school or perhaps, performing low in their academics, it is time that you have a look into their scholastic routine. There might be a number of other factors that could lead your child to lose interest in a specific activity.

Your child could be a victim of apathy or sluggishness. The initial symptoms of this behavior could be procrastination and disinterest. Moreover, this behavior could lead to a number of mental disorders such as obesity, depression, and anxiety.

So, to prevent this situation, parents and teachers should devise ways to increase engagement and interest levels in children. Introducing children to fun-filled activities, games, and puzzles during classroom hours or taking them to educational kc escape room games, either way would keep them motivated to perform any task.

Why escape room games for children?

Escape kc rooms have become popular over the last few decades. Many corporates and educational institutions are signing up for being a part of this interactive game. The team-based approach to solve problems and real-life scenarios have made escape room games quite popular with schools. Kc escape room games offer an exclusive way to rejuvenate stressed students and rekindle lost interest in subject matters that were once boring during classroom lectures.

Parenting Skills

Although this idea is not supported by the conservative educational system, introducing children to escape room kc games is a great way to keep them engaged and rejuvenated. Escape rooms are gaming venues that are packed with fun, entertainment, and adventure. Most of them follow a specific theme ranging from sci-fi to mystery, history, horror, and suspense.

Being a part of such simulations will give you and your children an opportunity to live different characters. These days escape rooms are built around themes that primarily focus on promoting child development skills such as retention, comprehension, and articulation. Letting your child participate in such escape room adventures will help them enjoy their lessons to the fullest. Listed below are 10 educational benefits of playing escape room Kansas City games for children:

Reignites lost interest levels

Children often dislike activities or a subject matter when they find it difficult to understand and perform. For instance, when children are unable to solve a math problem or finish their science homework, they become frustrated and quit the task. They focus their attention on something else. This could further lead them to dislike that particular subject in the future.

Escape room kc games and strategies reignite that lost passion and interest in children. Many escape room games are designed along the lines of educational needs. Some of the major themes include science, math, history, and literature. If your child finds it tough to memorize dates and learn about historical events, they can always opt for something creative. Escape rooms that feature history as a theme would benefit for your child immensely. They not only learn the subject but will remember the subject for a lifetime.

Promotes self-learning

The learning methodology at many schools does not promote self-learning in children. Students consistently rely on teachers to feed them with information and knowledge. This increases dependency and can be a huge behavioral issue in the long run. Learning after some point should be unconditional. If children fail to recognize their independent learning ability, then it’s time teachers and parents take alternate measures to guide them.

Escape room overland park games are perhaps the most suitable option for children to learn independently. It guides children to mentally conceptualize a situation before acting on it. The in-house puzzles, riddles, and activities motivate children to solve them on their own. Many activities require physical strength and mental ability to solve puzzles. When things are put into practice, children can understand the subject matter on a much subjective level. This is a great way for them to discover their hidden potential.

Increases retention power and cognition

Lack of retention power and understanding of a subject matter could worsen your child’s ability to conceptualize their lessons. Their inability to recall a lesson or new concept that they learned in class could also lead to demotivation. Many can even be victims of ADHD and hyperactivity. Thus, to prevent the occurrences of such conditions, teachers and parents must seek alternative methods to help children retain what is learned in class.


Escape room kc games include stress puzzles that force a player to think intensely. These puzzles aren’t easy to solve and require immense determination. The complex method of finding solutions is a great exercise to the brain. Playing these specific puzzles in an escape room will boost memory power and increase the ability to recall in children.

Brings dull subjects to life

Child behaviour is complex to understand and versatile in nature. The number of subject matter a child finds boring changes frequently. The degree at which a subject becomes uninteresting to children is loosely based on the content circulated and teaching methodology adopted. This is why children find practical subjects like science interesting and disinteresting at the same time.

Escape room overland park games ensure to revivify boring subjects by adding a practical side to it. There is a multitude of educational themes that are based on maths, literature, science, and social science. Your child not only learns about the subject but also gets a chance to experience it. Educational experts say that children grasp concepts easily when they are put to practice.

Helps to activate brain hemispheres

Many classroom activities and notebook exercises fail to stimulate the brain of children. This might not be entirely true because stimulating the left and right hemispheres of the brain solely depend on the efforts put in by the child. However, it could be said that children do not voluntarily stimulate their brains while performing tasks in the classroom. They need a catalyst or guide to help them stimulate the brain.

Games and activities in every escape room overland park are designed using unique techniques that allow kids to use their logic and creativity. The left side of the brain is responsible for logical thinking and the right hemisphere brings out the creative side in people.

Activities such as math puzzles, finding the missing block, word games, and rearranging shapes in a frame help to stimulate the left side of the brain. While other activities like sketching, building blocks, and using in-house props stimulate the right side of the brain. A child is able to perform better in their academics and co-curricular activities only when both sides of the brain are stimulated.

Makes children accountable for their actions

Learning to shoulder responsibility at a young age is every parent’s dream. Unfortunately, children with low self-confidence find it difficult to execute tasks on their own. They constantly require guidance and are unable to stay put on their choices. This attitude often hinders their ability to take vital decisions. It could also lead to anxiety and depression.

All puzzles and riddles at escape kc rooms teach children to take individual responsibility for their actions. They are made to redo puzzles, find clues, and lead teams while playing the game. Any error in performing the task or failing the team to execute a task leads to disqualification. Their inability to perform a task makes them cautious in their every approach.

Promotes leadership qualities

Many children in school are given the opportunity to lead teams. Be it an assignment or sports meet, the most active child gets to be the leader. Likewise, some aren’t given a chance at all. This might be due to their poor academic performance or their inability to articulate thoughts. It can lead to low self-esteem in children. Every child has the ability to lead teams but some require right guidance from mentors or teachers.

Whether or not your child gets to lead teams at school but in an escape room Kansas City game they are assured to lead a team. Since escape kc rooms feature several puzzles and activities, every child in a group gets a chance to lead a team individually. This in return also boosts their self-esteem and confidence in their social circles.

Promotes team-building skills

Team-building is an essential aspect of the development of every child. It helps them to bond with their peers and performs well in their academics. Besides, this is the only skill that will help them survive in the long run especially when they are a part of a professional setting. Schools organize camps, outings, and student council activities to focus more on instilling team-building skills in children. However, children might not be fully exposed to team-building in such activities due to distraction from peers and other environmental factors.

Children with Autism

However, escape room kc games take the team-building experience to a whole new level. Adventure games and obstacle races within the room force children to build and work in teams. Building teams also help children to strategize their moves and overcome any task with ease and efficiency. A continuous exposure to such games makes children agile and alert in performing tasks at school and outside.

Helps children to articulate their thoughts

Effective communication is a prerequisite to survive in this competitive world. Lack of communication skill can hinder the progress of your child. Many subjects such as social science and literature require children to be articulate in their thoughts. This is because a child who has the ability to read, write, and speak well can frame opinions in a genuine manner.

Many puzzles and activities in escape room Kansas City games involve activities that require people to speak things, unscramble words, and rephrase sentences. Some puzzles and riddles also have clues hidden in long passages and booklets. In such situations, children have no option but to thoroughly read and find the right clue to the puzzle.

Increases vocabulary

Forcing your child to read books or newspapers in this digital age could be a hassle. The advent of smartphones and digital media has drastically impacted the vocabulary in children. Many apps are developed solely to appeal to a child’s fantasy. This is why most children find it difficult to read, write, and speak during classroom activities.


Escape room kc games are filled with fun and frolic. They entertain, educate, and inform people about ways to react during certain situations. Apart from this, many themes also focus on building an individual’s intellect from scratch. In-house crosswords, puzzles, spelling riddles, and jumbled blocks help at developing vocabulary. Besides, most of these word games are packed with suspense, thriller, and mystery that children will find hard to resist.

The bottom line

Escape room games can be a fun way to teach children about different subjects from math, science, literature to history and even languages. It is vital to connect the experiences children have in the escape room back to what they learned during class. Some of the themes related to a subject matter might seem obvious to you, but it might not be obvious to them. Besides, that is how children learn, perceive, and practice any concept.

Children might focus too much on superficial details of the escape room overland park theme and fail to notice the vital structural details. What makes escape room games so attractive than classroom activity is that children get engrossed in the game that they apparently forget it is meant to be educational in nature. That can be fine at the moment, but you need to ensure later to assist them to understand and connect the dots between what happened during the escape room experience and what was taught back in class.

One of the most fascinating parts about escape room kc games is being able to offer an answer to that old question – where and when will I make use of this concept taught in class? The themes in escape rooms are artificial and help children to actually live the moment. A skilfully constructed scenario can help children to visualize more pertinent and concrete examples of the lessons taught in class.

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