Things To Know About EMSA Approved Pediatric CPR

CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is an important lifesaving procedure. It is performed when the breathing or heartbeat of a child has been stopped due to any reasons such as suffocation, drowning, injury or choking. This procedure usually involves 2 steps:

  • Rescue breathing: It is the process that provides oxygen to a child’s lungs
  • Chest Compressions: Chest compressions are required to keep the child’s blood circulating

The person, who is performing the CPR technique, must continue to do it until the child’s breathing or heartbeat returns to normal or till the time a medical help arrives. Though, CPR is an excellent procedure, if it is not performed accurately, it can worsen the situation. Therefore, CPR must be performed by someone who is well-trained in an accredited EMSA (Emergency Medical Services Authority) approved pediatric CPR course.

EMSA approved pediatric CPR training is perfect for family childcare/in-home providers, preschool providers, afterschool providers, childcare centers, any licensed childcare providers and private schools with daycare centers. In order to find an EMSA approved training center in your community or nearby area, you can go directly to the EMSA website and get the list of current child care First Aid, CPR, and Preventive Health and Safety Practices training programs.


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