Why Is Collagen Important?

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Collagen is that protein which is found in our skin. It keeps our skin soft, smooth, supple and its elasticity. This protein is a necessity in your body for it helps your skin heal from cuts and bruises as well. This production of this protein slowly decreases as we age, in these cases many creams or treatments are available makari 24k gold night treatment cream is one such product which is enriched with collagen and helps in restoring your skin.

What Are The Foods That Aid In Collagen Production?

There are several foods that help you produce collagen. Our body inherently has type 1, 2 and 3. We can always use a combination of foods and treatments to help our body recover makari gold night cream is a great addition before you go to bed.
The foods you can eat are as follows:

Bone broth is much like the stock you make for your soups and some such. So why not eat it as is. As you boil and simmer the bones, season them as per your liking. The taste is pleasant. You can make it in big batches, store them and use them as you like. Since bones are rich with connective tissues it also has calcium, phosphorus, collagen, amino acids and glucosamine to name a few. To be sure of how authentic and enriched it is with nutrients, it is advisable that you buy your bones from your butcher and make it yourself.

Your salad should always have some of those red bell peppers in fact any colour bell pepper is a great addition. It helps you have a crunch, taste and its high quantity of vitamin C and capsaicin which is known to battle ageing and skin issues.

Most animal proteins are high in collagen because many parts of their body are made up of collagen. Your daily intake of tuna or salmon can help with collagen production, but the parts of the fish which have a higher percentage of collagen are very rarely consumed by us in our daily lives. The head, eyes and scales have a higher level of collagen, many researchers have opted to make peptides from fish skin.

Tomatoes, rich in vitamin C is loaded with collagen. It is estimated that a medium tomato can give up to 30% of your daily collagen intake. Tomatoes are also known to be rich in lycopene which is an excellent antioxidant for your skin.

Chicken is the biggest source of collagen. Always notice that when you or the butcher is cutting up a chicken the tissues which are there, they are all made up of collagen. We suggest that you buy that chicken in bulk. The makari 24k gold is also a great addition to your everyday routine. It is laden with collagen, so it helps your skin from outside and the chicken helps you from the inside.

Garlic is that hidden gem which helps your body a lot. Garlic is high in Sulphur. Sulphur is that trace element which is known to prevent the break down of collagen. You should be careful that overusing garlic can have side effects like heart burn, upset stomach and if you are on blood thinners, then excessive garlic can cause you issues. Garlic is known to be a blood thinner as well.

Berries are known to have a crazy amount of vitamin C and it helps with cleaning out your body and the antioxidants help in making your skin glow. It is stated that an ounce of strawberry has more vitamin C in it than oranges. They have the ability to help your skin take care of the damaged skin.

Collagen is a necessity for your skin to look youthful and heal as well. It keeps your skin’s elasticity better and helps you heal from wounds better. Collagen also helps your skin heals those scars. The more the collagen in your body, the faster your scars will heal, collagen also helps your skin from permanent scarring. Stretch marks can also be avoided with collagen intake. Makari 24k gold night treatment cream is one such cream which helps in lessening wrinkles around the eyes. Get it on cosmetize.com today.

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