Why Indian Street Foods Are The Best?

Whatever you say indian street food is the best. Who said its unhealthy? The so-called healthy foods may have preservatives and colors but street foods are completely made by means of the local ingredients. Some street foods are irreplaceable in that list indian street food veg are always superlative.

This lockdown put a huge lock for all mouths. Its been almost 200 days since we all tasted the street food. But no worries to make our taste buds to water Living In Trend YouTube channel come up with the Street Food Cooking Challenge for special independence day food in a unique way.

It’s unfair to do all recipes that’s why the team LIT taken two delhi street food recipes. Abhishek Thakur and Rohit Saluja are the guys who are going to prepare kachori recipe and then pav bhaji recipe for their beloved subscribers. Rusk Media does so many numbers of challenge videos.

Especially this YouTube channel is famous for makeover challenge videos. But to bring some changes in the content that they upload LIT stepped into Cook Off videos. Just visit this YouTube channel to see various numbers of the cooking challenge at one place. This video is about Kachori vs Pav Bhaji and will give ideas on how to cook this recipe.

Of course, if you watch the challenge video then the anchors will pass the time by talking unnecessary things. On the other hand, this food challenge is completely different. It will focus on the content more than the talks. Since it is a street food video anchors get excited and do it properly on time.
You know the preparation method as well as the ingredients will be mentioned in the video. With the help of this eating challenge video, you will surely understand the way to prepare these recipes. By means of the eat treat food challenge available on this platform, you will come to know the way to prepare it.

Be it is any recipes there is a secret to make with no doubt. By means of the food challenge india video present in the LIT YouTube channel, you all set to acquire the best knowledge. No matter what simply scroll down the videos under foodie we video you will come to know so many numbers of recipes in no time.

Once after these guys finish the cooking challenge will make others to taste it. By means of the tasted people’s reaction, the winner will be announced. This is what the thing made by viwa food challenge from LIT. No matter what these food video series make others to learn something new and will make you clear.

The one who made kachori will say kachori banane ka tarika and at the same time, the one who is making pav bhaji masala also lets others taste it. Therefore you want to look at the videos and then start to cook your favourite street food. No matter the recipe you will easily do it tastily with no doubt.

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