What is the Best Type of Hairdryer for Home Use?


There are two major types of hairdryers available in the market. One is Ionic Dryer and the other is Ceramic Dryer; both types of dryers are useful but you can use them in respective needs. Ceramic hair dryers are used in most of the countries because the technology used in ceramic hairdryer is universal and since there is a ceramic coating inside the walls of the dryers which help to blow warm air and provides constant warmth and heating. Some of the new technology adds the smart heating systems to the hairdryers to automatically adjust the heating according to the temperature of the room.

Choose Ionic Hairdryers over Ceramic ones

Still Ceramic Hairdryers are not the best hair dryer option for home use as there is new ionic technology is available in the market at a much cheaper price and better results. These hairdryers release millions of the negatively charged ions to the hair and no high amount of heat is required then. Ionic Hairdryers help to dry the water on hair faster and more effectively. Negatively charged ions get attracted to your hair and keep them shaft straight for a very long time. Ionic hair dryers are the best for home use as if you use them more frequently.

The ion technology comes e.g. for hair dryers or electric hairbrushes and can support you very well with long hair care and styling in the normal case. Since the hair itself and above all the air, which is supposed to dry hair normally, are positively charged, the so-called “antistatic effect” occurs.
This effect occurs when e.g. two positive particles try to get closer to each other. Since both particles have the same charge, they repel each other. This repulsion of two equally charged particles has the effect when drying hair that hair protrudes from the head and “flies” in all directions. The ion technology is transformed, e.g. in a hairdryer, the air drawn in, which consists of positive particles, and charges them negatively.

For this purpose, there is a high-voltage generator in the housing of many hairs dryers with ion technology that generates around 7,000 volts. The negative ions are generated in this electric field, which is then carried along by the air flow and transferred to the hair.

Advantages of ion technology in Hairdryers

Easier drying

Due to the negative charge with which the hair is then bombarded, the positively charged hair is neutralized and does not stand further from the head as before, but lies against it. This naturally makes hair drying much easier because you no longer have to worry about swirling and flying hair. Even after drying, the effect provides relaxation: Because the protruding hair is also eliminated when combing.

Dries faster

The negatively charged ions split the water drops on the hair. As a result, these evaporate faster. It is clear that this will reduce the drying time. Because the hair dries faster, the hair is exposed to the heat for a shorter time, which also protects the hair.

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