What is the Approximate Cost of Heart Transplant in India?

Heart Transplant

All the natural organs of the body come for free. If you maintain the necessary health of all the organs of your body, you can escape the expensive cost of organ transplantation.

Most of the organ transplants are highly expensive. The cost can be so high that many of the patients die due to inability to bear the costs. One of the most costly organ transplants is a Heart Transplant.

However, the Heart Transplant Price in India is low when you compare to other countries. Let us check at what cost, it is possible to avail the heart transplantation in India and how it varies from other countries.

Heart Transplant Cost in Different Countries:
The starting cost of Heart Transplant in India is USD 50,000. The country proves to be the most cost-effective in providing treatment amongst all the nations.
The price of a heart transplant is approximately one-third of the surgery in other countries also if you are a medical traveller; the lodging and other necessary facilities in India available at pocket-friendly prices.

To know the difference in prices, let us compare the treatment costs in various countries:

Country Cost
India: USD 50,000
US: USD 1,400,000
UK: USD 1,10,695
Singapore: USD 80,000
Thailand: USD 77,000
Germany: USD 99,767

In the past three years, the number of medical tourists to India is increasing. The apparent reason for the same is the success ratio of the heart transplantation and also the result of the surgery.

Most of the patients, undergoing a heart transplant by top surgeons of India before the age of 40 years, have a minimum life of 5 years. Those who take up with the surgery after the age of 40 can survive for at least one year and even more if there are no complications.

Over 80% of the patients after the heart transplant add a minimum of five years to their life, and they do not even bear any side effects of the surgery. It is the highest success ratio for the treatment observed in any country.

Heart Transplant Surgery India Low Cost is available with all the benefits, attracting patients across the globe.
However, the patients have to keep patience for complete recovery, as the recovery time for each patient differs depending on the medical condition.

Final Words:
It is possible to get the best possible treatment in India for end-stage cardiac issues. The surgeons excel in providing a satisfactory remedy, but the patients also need to be careful.

The patients must follow the instructions of the surgeon and the medical team to avoid the complications after the surgery. For active recovery after a Heart Transplant Price in India, it is a must that the patient must stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Balanced diet and exercises help to recover from the surgery and also to maintain the heart healthy for the rest of your life.
Avoid complex exercises and avail regular follow-up after the transplant.

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