Ways to Fade Scar Marks

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Scars do happen in human face and bodies. But even if they happen, they also tend to get lighter with time as the human body is equipped with good mechanism to deal with the scars.

But yes, if one has too deep scar marks and which are clearly visible then they want to lighten them faster. In that case they can use no marks cream for acne scars in the affected areas of the skin to see visible results in a few weeks. But yes, there are some natural remedies as well which one can also use in order to reduce the scar marks. Here are some home remedies that one can try:

Ice Cubes

This is the simplest form or the natural remedy that can be used for scar treatments. They are easily available, anywhere and everywhere and when one is suffering from an old scar mark, they can easily rub an ice cube on that scar for at least 5 minutes every ay and eventually the mark will lighten and then fade away.

Baking Soda

This is an ingredient which is also easily available in the market. One can mix 2 table spoons of water with 4 table spoons of baking soda and then make a paste out of it to apply it on the scars. Once it is dried, one can wash it off with cold water and this has to be repeated thrice a day till one starts to see effective results.


This is considered to be a natural bleach agent which can lighten scar marks and sun burns. One can squeeze fresh juice from a lemon and one just has to soak a cotton ball and apply it on the scarred area. One can directly rub lemon on the scars as well. This can reduce the scar marks visibly.

Aloe Vera

One can use fresh leaves of aloe vera in order to treat scar marks. They can cut the leaves and scrape the juice out of it and the massage it slowly on the affected area at least twice on a regular basis. This can help in promoting the cell generation.


This one is very rich in Vitamin C and it can help a lot when it comes to removing the scars.  It can also prevent the scar formation in near future. One can make a paste out of raw gooseberry and then apply it on the affected area so that it can start doing its wonders.


One can easily apply raw honey on the scar to lighten them. One needs pure and organic honey over the scar and it can stimulate the tissue generation which can make the scar marks reduce visibly faster.


Onions do have a lot of anti-inflammatory properties and some anti-bacterial properties as well which are great in order to heal the old scars. One can apply fresh onion juice directly on the scars to fade it away.

Apart from all the above-mentioned things one can also use baking soda and tea tree oil as well in order to treat scars apart from acne scar removal creams.

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