Types of Fruits That are Eaten


Fruits have always been said to have some lovely health benefits and they also effectively fight back any kind of skin disorders. They also promote healthy hair growth and so if one has a habit of eating fresh fruits on an everyday basis then they tend to have most of the benefits from it.

When it comes to fruit delivery UK, one should always look for some fresh seasonal fruits to add in the basket. There are endless varieties of fruits that are available in the market and one can keep having one or the other depending on their seasonal availability. There are 8 types of fruits that are available. They are:

Simple Fruit

These are the fruits that mainly occur after the single ovary flower gets ripened. It can either be or it can be fleshy. Dry simple fruits mainly include strawberries, walnuts, coconuts, hazelnuts and many more. On the other hand when it comes to simple fresh fruits, they are tomato, cherry, peach, olives and plums.

Aggregate Fruit

They can develop from the multiple ovaries of a single flower. When it comes to aggregate fruits there are drupelets, follicles, achenes and berries. Some of these fruits are blackberry, raspberry and custard apple.

Multiple Fruit

These fruits mainly originate from cluster of flowers which is also known as inflorescence. Each flower here is capable of producing a fruit when it matures. Such fruits are mulberry, pineapple and fig.


This is a very simple fruit type and it mainly develops from all the single ovaries of a flower. The common example of this category is blueberry and cranberry.

Accessory Fruit

The edible part of these fruits mainly comes from the ovary and the other parts of the fruit here come from the flower. They can be multiple fruits, single fruits or aggregate fruits. Some o the common varieties of these fruits are apple, pineapple, strawberry and stone fruit.

Seedless Fruit

They mainly gets matured in 2 ways. Firstly some of the fruits get developed without parthenocarpy and then there are some fruits where pollination has lead to the development of fruit. They are very valuable fruits and most people consume them.

When one eats fruit on a regular basis then the body gets some proper source of minerals and vitamins. They are in turn helps in the proper functioning of a human body. Most of the fruits are rich in dietary fibre and thus it improves the digestion system in a human body. As a result, they reduce the chance of constipation and have a hassle free bowel movement. When one eats fruit at a regular basis, then they get an instant boost in their energy but not much calorie is added to their body. Fruits also contain a lot of potassium which can keep the blood pressure regulated in the body. It also keeps the skin and hair healthy and helps in weight loss.

For office fruit delivery, one can go for some healthy and juicy seasonal fruits which will keep one energised.

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