Traveler Types You’re Likely to Encounter Abroad

Travel is almost always rewarding, regardless of what kind of a traveler you are. However, knowing what kind of peers you may come across while abroad is important, both in terms of making your life easier, as well as in terms of safety. The majority of people don’t really fit into a single of the following categories, but getting to know what basic types of traveler you may come across out there is very useful.

Adventure Travelers

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The name of this traveler type is pretty self-explanatory; an adventure traveler’s vacation isn’t synonymous with sunbathing and relaxation. They like participating in their experience abroad by engaging in a variety of different activities, most of them fun and thrill inspiring, but some quite dangerous. For example, some adventure travelers prefer trekking, hiking, mountaineering and exploration and, even though these activities do come with dangers of their own, they’re cakewalk when compared with rock climbing, rafting, surfing, canoeing and even parachuting – activities that some of the bolder adventure travelers like to enjoy.

Expedition Members

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In truth, it can be said that expedition members do enjoy adventure travel, but their routes are very much planned. Like adventure travelers, they target remote destinations and enjoy a variety of adrenaline-boosting activities, but their journey is specific. They set off with a single location as a destination and a number of likeminded people; unified under the same purpose, these travelers choose remote and extreme locations, which means that they have to come prepared both mentally and physically. Additionally, they always travel well-equipped – they know their goal and are well-aware of all the life-threatening situations they may end up in, which means that expedition members will likely be packing first aid kits and surgical and medical supplies. Finally, it should be mentioned that expedition members tend to hire vehicles like buses, boats and airplanes in order to get to their destination.

Long-Term Travelers

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This traveler type is a rather broad term – they fall under the category of missionaries, voluntary workers and embassy staff, three very different groups of people. The similarities between the three pretty much end here; embassy staff and voluntary workers are provided with a place of residence, either by their government or by the company that’s funding them, while missionaries are left on their own, having to rely on either couch surfing, renting, staying with friends or acquaintances or finding cheap rentals. Some long-term travelers try to find used caravans for sale due to their general affordability.


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Not only does everyone know all about this traveler type, but we have all doubtlessly been a holidaymaker at a certain point in life. Seeking relaxation and time off work abroad, the holidaymakers make their reservations while still in their home country and focus on safety. Family travel is the name of the game when it comes to this traveler type, so remote locations without emergency services in proximity are rarely picked as holidaymaker destinations. This type of travel isn’t cheap, but does come with everything that one may find at their own home, only hundreds of miles away in a different environment. This is by far the most relaxing type of travel.

Business Travelers

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Finally, business travel is the least exciting way of going abroad. Sent for a specific purpose, business travelers pack light and are usually on a tight schedule. Their employers pay their accommodation and the most excitement that they’re likely to see is visiting the local bar with a potential travel companion.

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This wraps it up when it comes to traveler types. Backpackers deserve an honorable mention, but this category isn’t strictly a category of its own – adventure travelers, expedition members, as well as long-term travelers may actually be backpackers.

If you’ve found yourself in more than a single category, that is perfectly normal – few people fall under a single traveler type, most of us are a combination of them.

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