Top Seven Places Famous For Local Food In Australia


A lot of people are traveling to Australia because of their culture and traditions. Australia is said to be one of the top countries in the world because of their wonderful people and preserved structures. Aside from that, their local cuisine are very much delicious!

Australia food can be considered as one of the most delicious food in the world. So many local dishes are mouth-watering to the point that you will end up food-tripping in every corner of Australia. Tourists love to roam in Australia not just for the beautiful attractions and extreme activities, they are also down to try out local australian cuisine.

If you wanna know more about the best places to eat local food in Australia, see the list below:

  1. Tetsuya Restaurant – This resto may be considered as an iconic place not just because of its local food being served but also because of its wonderful interiors and plating as well. If you ever happen to be in Australia, Tetsuya is definitely a place you must visit!
  2. Mamak Restaurant – Mamak resto is known for travelers because this is one of the top food places in Australia that are often frequented by travelers from all over the globe. Even if the price of food is high, Mamak will still manage to live up to your expectations. Almost every single day, people are falling in line just to taste their awesome lineup of australian dishes. Mamak also serves malaysian cuisine that will not only make your jaw drop but will also get you excited to try more food.
  3. Spice Alley – Spice Alley is also one of the top restaurants in Australia. In fact, this is often frequented by local celebrities that is why this place totally made a buzz and almost everyone, even tourists from all over the world are interested to try out their dishes!
  4. The Apollo – The Apollo is not hard to find as it is located in Potts Point in Sydney. The Apollo may have been influenced by the greek cuisine but you can still taste and try the flavors of Australia as there are a lot of choices in their menu that you will surely enjoy. The Apollo is like a vintage type of restaurant and those with an old soul will surely enjoy the ambience in the restaurant.
  5. Chin Chin – This restaurant can be found right at the heart of Melbourne City. Australia is filled with great food places and Chin Chin is definitely one of them. Apart from the local cuisine, Thai food is also being served here in Chin Chin.
  6. Bistro Guillaume – This place sets the bar because aside from, the beautiful and sophisticated interior, the local food that are being served in this resto is one of the best tasting dishes in the whole Australia. The wonderful crisp-skinned chicken is a must try! Bistro Guillaume can also be considered a 5-star restaurant but don’t get intimidated with that because the prices for the food are still very much affordable.
  7. Estelle Bistro – Lastly, Estelle Bistro. This restaurant is famous for its beef cheek that is stewed for long hours and later then served with buttered mashed potato with cauliflower. Estelle Bistro will surely fulfill your needs! Estelle Bistro is great for families and couples. The ambience is very great!

It’s really not hard to find local food in Australia as long as you know what you really want. There are so many choices, the one written above are just some of the best so better pack those bags and fly to Australia to enjoy their local cuisine.

Author bio:
Mark Aldrin R. Hipolito is a daytime writer for Brooklyn Depot, one of Australia’s best food places that offers burgers and brew. Mark also writes about the best food places in Australia and some parts of the world in order to attract the foodies to devour great food.

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