Tips to Keep Bouquet Flowers Fresh


Sending flowers to each other is a beautiful gesture and one does that often so that they can send love, good wishes, success and happiness to others. A bouquet full of bright blooms can actually cheer up an individual and the freshness of it can actually make one refreshed and happy.

If one wants to send flowers to Pakistan, then they can always order them from the online sites which deal with flower bouquets and send their near and dear ones to show them some love. When one receives this bouquet then they can keep it at the centre coffee table or the dining table from where everyone can see it and it can light up the room.

But keeping flower bouquets fresh and lively is also some task. Though these gorgeous bouquets are made from real flowers, they never last much long if one does not tale proper care of it. Hence one needs to do the following things to keep them fresh as long as they can:

  • Firstly one has to cut the stems from the bouquets because they come with long stems. One can use a garden shear to cut or trim the stems. This will help the flowers to have better water intake capability. The flowers never sit flat on the vase and the water always enters the stems so that it can keep the flowers fresh. One has to keep cutting the stems every 2 days to keep the water intake capacity normal.

  • When one is receiving the bouquet they must remove the leaves from the bouquet first especially those that are going below the water lines in the flower vase. This is preventing the bacteria to grow inside the bouquet. Also if the bouquet is made of flowers then one must remove the guard petals which will help the flowers to open up fully.

  • It is necessary to keep the flower bouquets hydrated but excess water can ruin them as well. The flowers must be kept in water but the water has to be in room temperature within the vase. After that one has to add a flower food pack in it so that the water becomes neither too diluted nor concentrated. One also needs to change the vase water every 2 days so that the bouquet does not die.

  • Flowers also must stay away from the direct sun rays. The flowers will always last longer if they are kept in a certain cool temperature. Also keeping them in a cold temperature can also make them droop fast; hence one has to balance them really well.

  • It is also a good idea to add 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar in the flower water because it also helps the blooms to last much longer. One can also add a tablet of aspirin in the water to keep them fresh.

Stop and smell the Flowers

In order to send flowers to Pakistan from UK  one always has to take help from the online flower sites from where one can directly order.

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