The Evolution of Digital Comics – Infographic

Webtoon has been around for some time and was popular only in Asia. However, with the evolution of modern comics, webtoons are now popular all over the world. In 2014, webtoon started to become a global phenomenon.

It is amazing to see how this hobby that started decades ago remain relevant until now. From simple illustrations printed on low quality paper, comics have drastically evolved and are now available online.

However, despite the changes, webtoons still feel like you are reading an actual comic strip. You can scroll down to move from one page to another. The images are still striking. The stories are still as entertaining.

There is no question why this has remained popular around the world with over 6.5 million readers each day on average. If you are curious about how these digital comics have changed and become popular until now, check out the infographics below.

The Evolution of Digital Comics

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