The Dark Side Of Corona Virus In India- Know The Curse


All of us were living our lives normally like always, but then novel coronavirus barged in. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus alludes to the impending social tragedy, which can’t be dealt individually. The chain sequence it follows can only be conked out by complying with the possible measures suggested by the Indian government.

How Is India Dealing With The Coronavirus?

India as a country of more than 1.37 billion people is trying hard to cope with COVID 19 at its earliest by the quick implementation of contingency plans like lockdown, social distancing, sealing, house arrest, etc. Though all this made the country suffers the most but surely less than their lives. To reflect on some of the worst consequences of Corona that India is dealing with includes shattered economy, lack of availability of food or panic buying items, increasing unemployment, agricultural upheaval, factory shutdowns, disrupted supply chains,  religious instability, and lots more. Even for the first time in the last 6 decades, the Asian economy is seeing no growth. “Citizens are the pillars of the country’s economy” and saving them should be the priority. Decisions taken by the Indian government in time proved its relevance as the reach of coronavirus is yet limited to Phase 2. So it is required to take ADHD Test along with  Covid 19 Test. In a densely populated country like India, preventing the community outbreak of corona is hardly possible and the possible outcomes could be worse than Italy, South Korea, America, and Spain.

Its origin- Revengeful Mother Earth or Scientific Uncertainties?

Having no idea of where this virus came into being, countries are trying their best to deal with it. Some suggest that it could be due to eating of animals like a bat while others say it’s the vengeful earth that wants to retrieve itself or a result of some sort of scientific experiments. Irrespective of what the reason is, the consequences are unimaginable and unapproachable.  No sort of medication is available to give it a break but only a few measures like washing hands and sanitizing things are possible and can help in saving oneself from it.

World’s Take on COVID 19

The world is at halt waiting to bid farewell to COVID 19, meanwhile, the corona is at its worst revealing its darker side globally exempting a few countries. The war raged by the infectious diseases against the world where on one hand brings unity, on the other hand, is responsible for the shrink in the population of superpowers like America. Taking more and more irresponsible citizens in its grasp, the virus is ready to mark its win over the world. Not only India, but the rest of the world is suffering from this fatal pandemic with no way out to escape.

It’s not for the first time that the world is facing such a tragic pandemic; looking back through the historical episodes, we can notice some regular outbreak of such lethal diseases affected the survival of human beings dreadfully but only to recover by the time. Let’s be together stay at home play online games like pokemon fire red and fight against it until it surrenders.

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